China and a veteran trapped in India for 50 years, was traced by Chinese has been unable to communicate

India one veteran Chinese

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data figure: trapped in India China veteran Wang Qi


years ago when he was missing the troops searched the hill for the

Wang Qi in the past under the force of the original Lanzhou military region division and a considerable part of shaanxi. Now the average age of 75 years old when the zhanyouqing, almost every year to small party, at the war years.

this year, 76 year old Chen Qungeng and Mr. Wang Qi were in the same force. He recalls that year in Qinghai, Xining for the army construction, the multiple independent camp, Wang Qi is an independent Engineer Battalion two even soldiers. "Two even called the river company, is responsible for the army to March troops to cross the river bridge. Said Mr. chen.

in Mr. Chen's memory, Wang Qi was missing belonging to military events, in order to find Wang Qi troops later also organized soldiers searched the mountain, but has been unsuccessful.


after the foreign ministry is to promote timely go through the formalities for India

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang 6, said: "we note the recent sustained media attention to the issue. We also introduced the efforts made by the Chinese Embassy in India in recent years, including reports that you may have seen, and the Chinese ambassador to India, Mr. Luo Zhaohui, also called the old man on. "

Lu Kang said, in recent years, Chinese Embassy in India has been in touch with the old Wang Qi, making unremitting efforts as he successfully returned, including the promotion of India for the elderly in a timely manner for the corresponding entry and exit procedures.

Lu said that the Chinese Embassy in India has issued a 10 year old Chinese passport for the elderly in 2013, and from then on to provide them with a certain amount of life. "We believe that under the joint efforts of both sides, we will be able to get a satisfactory solution under the premise of respecting the wishes of the parties themselves. Lu said.

way to the difficulties presented to reporters in 1968 the Punjab home office who documents show where


Wang Qi, he is due to illegal entry into the territory of India, India's national security threat "was arrested.


he repeatedly applied to the central government and local government in India to return to China, but has not been the final answer. The local government asked for a detailed report, but the interior ministry said it could not provide.

Chinese veteran Wang Qi trapped in India 54 years of news recently continued to cause concern. February 4th to 5, the reporter to follow the Chinese Embassy in India working group, the two came to Wang Qi in central India, Dicun bounty home, understand his situation and ideas. The 78 year old Wang Qi told reporters a detailed account of the territory of India was arrested, he strayed into the prison to exile, wife and family, home application refused process.

Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported that the India authorities are still not sure whether Wang Qi is a prisoner of war". And mention this, Wang Qi himself firmly told reporters that he was not a prisoner of war, did not surrender".

into the territory of India lost seven years imprisonment

according to Wang Qi narrative, he was stationed in a border near the Corps of engineers, mechanical equipment management. During the 1963 New Year's Day holiday, he took out of the camp to play, but into the nearby forest lost for two days did not find the camp. The tigers near forests, Wang Qi was very afraid, so to meet a India Red Cross for automobile. Wang Qi believes that the Sino Indian War has ended, China released a large number of prisoners of war in India, India will send him back to china. Unexpectedly, the India Red Cross will be sent to the barracks in India, during which Wang Qi had a red cross camp on the road, see the Chinese Red Cross logo, just wanted to cry, but the Indians covered his mouth.

Wang Qi presented to reporters in 1968 Punjab home office who the documents show that he was "illegal entry into the territory of India, India's national security threat" was arrested. Indians put Wang Qi as a spy sent to New Delhi prison torture and interrogation. Because Wang Qi is the Corps of engineers, not out of what information, after the government of India sent to India state prison. Wang Qi to provide copies of the internal affairs of Punjab office who reporter and release documents showed Wang Qi detained time.

was during custody in Punjab, Wang Qi and prison personnel relationship. Who in 1969 after the India government asked Wang Qi what to do next, Wang Qi said to the government of India, told him a few days later to send their home. But in fact, Wang Qi was sent to the central bounty Luo Dicun. In an interview with reporters found that Luo Dicun pedicle is located in a iron mine near the persons returning dissidents, the government of India Chinese soldiers, Pakistan and Bangladesh, are housed here. At the time, Luo Dicun pedicle is a variety of exiled people, is surrounded by lakes and forests, the way out is sealed, around a desolate. With Luo Dicun development up to now, only more than 10 thousand people.

Wang Qi spent a few months in the pedicle Dicun Luo felt wrong, went to the police to ask, why not return. The police made it clear that he would not be able to return to his country. Wang Qi this just understand, this is

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