Be sure to say these 10 words to your child!

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zhichangshiyongxinli· 2017-03-07 16:04:55

1. child, not everyone love you? The day you were born from the

, began to contact the people of every hue, and each person's preferences, cultivation the character is different. Some people will because of your body, looks do not like you, some people will not like you because of your results, some people will be different because of your love and he does not like you...... In short, you must recognize this reality. But it's not a bad thing, you don't have to deny yourself. As long as you insist to do the right thing, to do a good and honest man, some people sooner or later change to your attitude; and those who do not love you as in the past, at a distance, because they may not be what good.

2. child, say thanks to anyone

around you, including your parents, have no obligation to help you, take care of you, have you. Your parents gave you life, and that is the greatest benefit to you.

so, when others help when you once, must be careful to say thank you, otherwise there is no second times; when people don't want to help you, don't hold grudges, because they had no obligation to help you, as you say, they did what?

3. child, learning is not really give me the

why I urge you to read and study? Only if you read more, you will not be able to distinguish between right and wrong, who harbour evil designs from the eyes, not by the superficial people influence your thinking. Why the old man and the old woman in the village will spend a lot of money to buy something called the "magic cleaning water"? Because they do not know, there is a thing called hydrochloric acid".

you only have a good score, you can have the right to choose a job you like, in order to have the spare time to do their favorite things, and not to live to their grievances, busy life.


children, life is very precious because you are small, and so these things also don't understand. And the parents of the Ben four age, the side of the friends have gone first. You know, looking at the death of your peers is a sad and scary thing. Of course, more than this is sad, white haired people send black hair. So, in your most helpless, most painful and lonely days, you should choose to live strong, never self mutilation and suicide, your life is given by their parents, you have no right to give up.

5." children, often at home

to tell you the truth, every parent is very contradictory, not only hope the children can fly, but also want their children to accompany. The older the more so. So, no matter how busy you are in the future, please take time to go home to see, you can cook a meal, you can clean up the bed ahead of time, but also the great joy of the old two......

6. children, love than you want to be great, but also more ordinary

love is based on mutual understanding, support and pay on the basis of love will always implement the fuel of life. 10 years of age can not afford any responsibility, also does not give any person happiness, so don't do some "forbidden fruit" thing, not good for anyone.

7." children face unfair in the life of

as long as the society is full of competition and unfair, we are not too tangled in these things, strive to improve themselves is reliable. Our neighbor's car is bad, you don't have to feel ashamed, because our parents own car is bought, not a bit ashamed; if our car than neighbors, you are not proud of the capital, because the car almost no relationship with you what you don't have to pay for it. What.

if you are inferior, complain of social injustice will kill your will, let you down, suffer more injustice; if you show off all day for advantage, will make your eyes, but one day, you will fall into the kind of people you despise the original.

8. children, at any time to clean

anywhere, don't indulge themselves, either mentally or physically! Have their own firm bottom line, some bad habits, never touch, such as alcohol, smoking, drugs, sexual promiscuity! For girls, this is particularly important, because the girls themselves out of a relatively weak position, a indulgence, often in exchange for a lifetime of misfortune!

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