So, what kind of English university is the singer who wants to learn music?

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In recent years,

has been highly sought after, and the perfect combination of classical and modern art has created a favorable condition for international students to realize their musical dreams.

the British universities all over the world every year to attract overseas students to the school, students in various countries to British music culture linger, British music all over the world to become more professional art students dream.

below, we recommend for everyone to go to the United Kingdom to read music in the world elite and application requirements.

, recommended Colleges:

1, Royal College of Music (ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC

) Royal College of Music was founded in 1822, is a long history of the school of music, enjoys a high reputation in the world, training a large number of world-class artists.

Royal College of Music is the only one in the United States to obtain a certificate of education University of London.

requirements: obtain a recognized Bachelor's degree (or equivalent to obtain certification), otherwise unable to enroll.

2, the Royal Northern College of music (North) ROYALNORTHERN COLLEGE OF MUSIC

(RoyalNorthern College of the Royal Northern College of music, of Music) is one of the most important music schools in Europe, located in the northwestern city of England in Manchester.

the school's history can be traced back to the late nineteenth Century's Symphony Orchestra founder Sir Charles Halley founded the Royal College of Music in Manchester, Royal College of Music in Manchester in 1973, and the Northern School of music composed of the merger of the Royal Northern music school.

at present, the Department of music, music and contemporary music, keyboard music, string system, vocal music and opera chord system, such as undergraduate and graduate courses.

3 Scotland, the Royal Academy of music and Drama (ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA)

Scotland Royal Academy of music and drama is a British College of music and drama in the field work teaching, established in 1845, has a long history.

Glasgow Scotland Royal Academy of music and drama from 3 academic centers combined School of music, dance academy and youth academy and has opened a total of more than ten professional undergraduate and master

, such as undergraduate in music art, music education, Scotland music art, performing arts, performing arts, contemporary musical art, digital art film and television science, modern ballet art;

master of opera art, classical and contemporary literature, art, philosophy and social context.

of the Royal Scotland College of music and drama by virtue of its excellent academic atmosphere, advanced teaching ideas and strong faculty and facilities, has become one of Britain's most prestigious art university.

in the British media, the guardian, the selection of the 2008 annual list of music art institutions, the Royal Scotland Institute of music and drama in the first place in Glasgow.

4, Birmingham Conservatoire

and Bermingham Bermingham School of Music School of music Birmingham Conservatoire is an international music hall, belonging to the city of Bermingham University (formerly England University in BirminghamCity University), she is a member of the association of British music, is also a member of the European Music Association, maintain close contact with the Bermingham Symphony Orchestra numerous music institutions etc..

college, founded in 1859, is one of the leading music colleges in the UK, and has achieved remarkable success in solo performance, composition, chamber music, orchestral music and jazz.

5, University of Westminster (University ofWestminster

) British predecessor of University of Westminster was founded in 1838, Royal Institute of Technology, 1864 officially changed its name to the University of westminster.

by virtue of its frontiers and traditional curriculum development in London and the superior geographical position, Westminster University enjoys a high reputation in the uk. Three four campus

University of Westminster in (Cavendish, Marylebone and Regent) are located in the west of London, the distance between each other is very close, fourth campuses in harrow, 20 minutes away from the city.


, two application requirements:

1, the requirements for the degree of

either in the UK or abroad needs a good honours degree (which may be in a professional field, such as pop music, music education, music in general, technology), admission in 2.2 (75%) or more (2.1 preferred 80%) honorary degree.

2, material preparation

(1) some schools may require applicants to submit an article as evidence of writing level.

(2) almost all schools will allow students to submit related works.

works is generally used to learn the instrument to play three different styles of work, time control in about 20 minutes, it is best video works.

because in the latter part of the application process, the school may allow students to participate in the interview, if the student submitted a video work, and the school can be avoided by consultation procedures.

3, the language requirements of the British

professional performance of the applicant's language requirements are generally 6.5 points or 7 points, some of the creation of the professional may have special requirements for the writing of students.

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