Why don't you check your homework? The mother's answer was unexpected!

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" from the baby, I will do the best parents to give their children the best education, lest they do not place where. As parents, we are always thinking: what can we do to help children? We are always doing addition, but in fact, we should also do subtraction, is the best education for children.

class teacher is our love the little boy in the class, although he is not the best, but he is very thoughtful, smart, generous personality, good results. But the air has a worry: from the school, the mother never gave him a check.

every day after school, my mother will only be on time to remind him: "the homework hanghang. "Wait until the hanghang finished my homework to my mother, my mother asked:" you have a check? "Hanghang said:" checked! "Mom signed her name.

sometimes give the job to the hanghang dad signed, my mother would not let dad to check the operation the child, hanghang some angry, one day, he told his mother: "Mom, I did homework yesterday, was criticized by the teacher! "

mother asked:" was criticized by the teacher, ah, really serious! Have you ever thought about what you did wrong? "

hanghang said:" I had a reflection.

mother said: "after that will be wrong? "

hanghang said:" No. "

mother smiled and touched our head, continue to do their own thing.

hanghang but still want to ask: "but, other children's parents will help them to check the homework, so it will not because of the wrong topic was criticized by the teacher, why don't you give me the check? "

mother smiled and said to the boy:" hanghang. If the mother to help you check, you really will not be criticized by the teacher, but you will be so impressed, never wrong? "

hanghang wants to say:" No.

mother continued to ask: "if the teacher does not know you will not be the problem, it will not re explain to you again, so that you have a deeper impression and understanding, right? "

hanghang said:" yes. "

mother smiled and said:" you see, mom does not help you check your homework, to help you to the wrong impression, and can help the teacher to understand your study. And, if you always ask your mother to help you with your homework, do you ask your mother to help you with your exams? Hanghang "

thought, think mother is right, go back to do homework. Hanghang mother never check the homework, but it is precisely because of this, our own examination exceptionally serious, my homework is also very carefully, fear and false criticism by the teacher. Thus, our results instead of getting better and better.

" hanghang mother to treat the child's learning has its own ideas:

1, from the perspective of the child: can not let him develop the process depend on the habits of parents

children doing homework, is actually a process of the formation of personality, whether the child has parents to help in the future, he can decide the character is independent or dependent. Hanghang can always finish the homework and check their homework independently, allowing him to develop independent thinking and solving problems is very important for the growth of his habits.

as our mother said: "when the examination, I can help you check the papers? "On the road of life, can you help the children to stop the loopholes?

, 2 from the parents' point: do not use their own thinking to imagine the detention of children of

parents after all is not a teacher, the parents do not have good questions, problem-solving ideas are not necessarily correct, but the parents thinking has been the experience of imprisonment, easy to single, so a single thinking to coach the child, too the children will imprison divergent thinking in the course of time, children easily become dull, not good at thinking, much less creative.

let the children think of ways of solving problems, innovative thinking children will get more exercise, hanghang is such a quirky and bold innovation of children.

3, from the teacher's point of view: children learn to understand the real situation in order to help children progress

teacher assignments, the purpose is to investigate children's learning effect, at the same time to review the role of parents to check, correct the mistakes after the operation, the fact is done in the parent level and ideas that simply do not reflect the true level of the child, can not reflect the child's thoughts and ideas. No effect on the teacher's understanding of the child's learning.

this case, teachers have wrong judgment on children, children will think these questions have figured out, don't need to talk about this, and the children have lost a chance to progress. Furthermore, most of the children like crazy, only mistake was the teacher criticized will be more impressive, it will remind the child: I want to be serious, never wrong!

why don't you check your homework? In order to make children more conscious, more independent, more excellent!

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