In order to control their temper, read "parents""

Temper family children father

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in order to control their temper, give children the best growth space. May wish to read aloud every day over "from this moment, I want to"

" from the moment I

to encourage and praise the child,

instead of criticism, blame, blame the child.

because I know only encouragement and praise can give children confidence and strength,

, criticism, blame only vent,

my mood, hurt the child's mind;

" and I will take action to influence the child, but not with words

to a child.

because I know the child's behavior is not taught, but influenced by imitation and


I want to listen to the voices of children, rather than to judge the child


because I know that listening is the best communication.

I would like to accompany the child attentively,

rather than absent-minded perfunctory child.

because I know only the real company to let children feel the warmth of love;

I want to control their emotions,

and kids quiet peace every moment.

because I know the temper and violence only on behalf of my incompetence and harm to the child; "

I have to deal with the relationship between the active and good lover,

to create a harmonious family environment,

never let the marital conflicts influence and hurt the children of

, because I know only the relationship harmony is the greatest love for children;

I want to let the children grow up to look, not I look like


because I know that the child does not belong to me,

he just came to this world through me,

to complete his own dream and mission.

" I want the children,

find my own problem, fix myself, because I know

all the children is my problem, I is the source of all

" I want to be the best friend in a child's life,

's closest partners, the most loving father (mother) < / p>

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In order to control their temper, read "parents""

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In order to control their temper, read "parents""

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