Jin Sha rolled down from the villa to the hospital emergency treatment

Hospital actress stairs villa

beiqingwangyule· 2017-03-07 20:49:39

Jin Sha

recently, a hospital was exposed to Sanya actress Jin Sha, exposed photos see Jin Sha wearing a black dress, sitting in the hospital waiting room to play down the mobile phone, but also appeared in her name in the hospital queuing window. Then Jin Sha at a friend's arm during the period of leave, her face slightly pain.

" Jin Sha people need to walk arm "img_box"

Jin Sha sat in the chair "img_box"

" Jin Sha face expression of pain

Jin Sha's name appears in the

window according to the station staff revealed Jin Sha wearing slippers, Jin Sha accidentally fell from the stairs villa, rushed to the hospital, after the medical examination found slight fracture. Netizens to hear this news, have to concern: "right now", "love it" and "how so careless, then no matter where you are to be more careful.", but there are also netizens wondered why the Jin Sha appeared in Sanya.

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