CCTV exposure: this dish is actually carcinogenic every family eat

Cancer CCTV exposure purslane mountain vegetables

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Spring is the season of mass market

wild herbs, a CCTV report caused concern of Internet users! Bracken carcinogenic? Not always say how you eat bracken cancer, cancer? "Ask: a cancer it? Please watch

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"" common concern "according to CCTV reported, whether experimental animal or cattle, edible fern are likely to cause poisoning, including liver damage, cancer, and the carcinogenic substance is obtained from 80s of last century bracken's original fern glycoside. through the inspection, measure the ptaquiloside in bracken in content from high to low leaf, stem, root, leaf content is 10 times the root. In the official website of the international agency for research on cancer, is classified as a two class of carcinogen .

experimental data also reveal that these carcinogenic substances content in bracken rhizome is the highest, the second leaf. Among them, more than 37 times the safe limit, and the limit of the amount of benzoic acid was over 22 times. Laboratory animal feeding test showed that bracken fern carcinogenic, rats can induce gastric cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, leukemia, etc.. The researchers also cooked processed bracken carcinogenic test showed that even after processing the bracken, can also cause cancer .

" fern is representative of traditional wild herbs, is the "king of mountain vegetables, many people think that it is green pollution-free, nutritious, and even cancer, known as" longevity food". According to relevant data, fern leaves containing carotene, vitamin, protein, fat, sugar, crude fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients and minerals. It also contains 18 kinds of amino acids.

however, in the early Tang Dynasty, the great physician, chemist, Sun Simiao told the "manual" proposed "long food into" fern ", meaning the long-term eating bracken will adversely affect the body. Later, many countries in the world were carcinogenic bracken show that cancer - related substances bracken contains oxalic acid, benzene fern lactam, yellow alkaline alcohols, quercetin and quercetin and similar substances.

but there are also pointed out, really love to eat bracken, to eat bracken, occasionally eat a little, do not panic too much, but not to eat for a long time. Long, eat a lot of bracken does raise the risk of cancer, this is because "although fresh bracken before eating dried and boiled after processing, can reduce the content of ptaquiloside among them, but did not completely eliminate".

" small wonder, bracken powder can

spicy and refreshing to eat?

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CCTV exposure: this dish is actually carcinogenic every family eat

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