According to the United States Carina Lau sun fifty-one outing long legs to steal the spotlight

Long legs 51 Qiangjing Carina Lau

wangyiyule· 2016-05-01 19:20:44

Netease Entertainment on May 1 reported < / strong > today, Carina Lau Po out their holiday outing according to the United States, and wrote: "nature really can we treat, can let the busy mood to relax, find themselves. Happy may day holiday! The photograph of Carina Lau wearing a peaked cap, with a sports equipment, a pair of guards long legs is to steal the spotlight!

Carina Lau guards long legs attracted users who have a message: "this leg should not be so long! "" is really a good figure! Good familiar with the hat, a good familiar smile, just open the micro-blog saw the goddess, so excited! Happy International Workers'Day! "

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