Semir shoes by the rapid development of children's leisure sector weak pull performance


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The rapid development of

" on Semir's weak leisure plate pull performance

children's clothing, to make casual clothing famous Semir shoes and apparel industry from the downward spiral. Recently, Semir clothing (9.550, 0.03, 0.32%) announced the results of the annual report shows that operating income rose by $13.21%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit rose by 5.78% year on year. Semir clothing will be attributed to the growth of the performance of the electricity supplier business and the continued development of the children's business. In fact, this is not the first time Semir children's clothing business performance. Insiders said that the traditional strong brand Semir clothing Semir where the casual clothing market has become saturated, the early layout of the children's clothing sector is the key to the success of the transformation. But with the future more and more brands force children's clothing market, Semir clothing is also facing challenges. The growth performance of


's Semir clothing released 2016 annual results letters, the company's operating income of 10 billion 703 million yuan, an increase of 13.21%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 1 billion 427 million yuan, an increase of 5.78%. In fact, since 2013, Semir's performance has been showing a relatively good growth trend. Read the annual report of Semir clothing can be found, an important factor driving the performance of Semir clothing is the growth of children's clothing business. According to

, Semir clothing prospectus, Semir clothing for the main business of Semir brand casual apparel and Balabala brand of children's clothing. However, according to the 2011 Annual report shows that Semir clothing, as one of the main business of children's clothing in the overall operating income is not high, children's clothing is only 2 billion 53 million yuan, less than half of the leisure clothing revenue. Since then, children's clothing showed a good growth trend

. In 2013, Semir clothing main business income of 7 billion 219 million yuan, an increase of 3.2%, children's clothing the main income of 2 billion 535 million yuan, an increase of 19.9%; in 2014, children's apparel revenue 3 billion 167 million yuan, an increase of 24.91%.

Semir fashion clothing company report shows that in 2015, revenue reached 9 billion 359 million yuan, 5 billion 406 million yuan of income and leisure clothing children's clothing, revenue of 3 billion 953 million yuan; accounted for 57.18%, 41.81% in revenue. Children's clothing sector is growing rapidly.

clothing independent commentary Sagittarius Gang said that the children's clothing business is indeed effective to stimulate the growth of Semir apparel performance. This is because children's clothing is currently still in the growth stage, is the business development of Semir clothing and apparel sector, Semir has a first mover advantage in the sector, children's clothing brand in the industry has been the first position Balabala.

leisure clothing slow growth

3 2, Semir clothing announcement that a subsidiary of Shanghai Semir Garment Co. Ltd. and some employees set up a joint venture in Shanghai - sen Garment Co. Ltd. and the main business of Semir's brand minette.

according to official figures show that Semir clothing, Minette was born in 2012, located in the middle of the price for 18-35 years of mass fashion exquisite women. However, the brand's performance is not very ideal, according to the Minette Tmall flagship store display, the best selling a product for $139 worth of Korean backing sweaters, monthly volume of only 240 pen.

in fact, not only women's brand sales situation is not ideal, the main business of Semir sportswear recent performance is not ideal, from the absolute dominant force in revenue growth, now appears to be the children's clothing business to catch up with the trend.

according to Semir apparel 2011 earnings report, the company's main business revenue reached 7 billion 639 million yuan, of which the leisure apparel business segment operating income of up to $5 billion 587 million. 2012, Semir clothing casual clothing to achieve 4 billion 880 million yuan, down by 12.64%. 2013, Semir clothing leisure clothing main income 4 billion 683 million yuan, down by 4.04%.

since then, although the leisure clothing business has improved revenue growth, but the growth rate is still not compared with children's clothing. 2015 annual report shows that Semir clothing casual clothing grew by 10.26%, while the increase in children's clothing was $24.81%; this growth in the semi annual report in 2016 and were changed to 7.4% and 26.23%.

Magang analysis believes that the current leisure apparel field has entered the market growth in the late, with a more mature product line, the growth rate slowed down is an inevitable phenomenon. In fact, the leisure clothing market has become saturated state, in recent years, many brands to seize a large number of market share, many of the traditional leisure clothing brand has been unable to survive. Compared to the adult children's clothing, casual clothing does not have the first mover advantage in the leading position in the industry, but not absolute leadership, which has become the cause of children's clothing increased more than adult leisure clothing.

product pattern will change

data show that in 2015 China's market size of 137 billion 200 million yuan; with the opening of the two child policy and consumption upgrade, is expected to 2017, the number will exceed 150 billion yuan. According to the China children's industry research center data, 80% of the family spending on children accounted for 30%-50% of household spending, infant consumption has become one of the largest expenditure of household consumption. In the future, including children's clothing, children's market will present a blue ocean.

in fact, Semir clothing has long been focused on the development of children's clothing. 2002, Semir clothing into the field of children's clothing.

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