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" in a business sense

left Dong often talked about the impact of the Internet industry in the field of real estate looks not so big. Because the Internet to change the industry there are three rules, one is high frequency or low frequency; two is standardized or non standardized; the line is loose or concentrated under the three. The first is the low frequency of real estate transactions, looking for customers is very difficult; second, it is non standardized, fragmented.

high frequency trading, from the line to the line is relatively easy to do; low frequency trading, the line to the line is relatively easy, because the line is very important experience, which is the core of the service.


really give up short-term interest housing action (Note: refers to the real, real, real price in the sale of houses) by the time many front-line brokers questioned the plan very difficult:

(1) data. In determining the availability of information, data collected by the agent quality is not high, there are false, false.

(2) business problems. When the plan was launched, the chain of home real estate brokerage business for three consecutive months of decline, there is also a wave of resignation.

in fact, in the long run, all good organizations have to know how to give up the short term looks good, long-term looks very troublesome thing.


is the biggest problem in the industry

in the country, engaged in the real estate brokerage industry are 20 years old so dialed, the threshold is low. However, this group of brokers need professional and integrity.

(1) is the training of professional agents, rather than skills.

(2) code of conduct is to develop the broker in the long run.

(3) if the broker is not respected internally, there is no respect outside.

(4) dignity comes from a sense of security.

if the broker when employees, too hard to manage hundreds of thousands of people, but if the broker when customers that tens of thousands of people never mind.


abandon the morbid corporate culture

to be rooted in the traditional enterprise of those wrong, sick of the concept of screen removed. Only to protect the interests of the work of the former employees, employees can rest assured that only customers do not even peer, colleagues will believe that you will not cut his customers.


we have no chance in

service industry is the talent had depression, our line is in the depression. I have never found any consumer complaints inside the chain is completely no problem. Our generation's fate, may you should do some style is not so high things, never want to go down in history.

so, there is only one truth:

"today's effort is for tomorrow's harvest". Take into account the interests of short-term thinking, enterprise strategy also needs to focus on long-term survival and long-term development, the establishment of long-term objectives, make full use of the environment and resources to effectively plan the development path to achieve insight, vision and macro management measures and countermeasures.

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