Affect performance! LOL clan SKT fans call for reduced live pressure

Lol pressure clan fans

wangyiyouxi· 2017-03-09 02:48:18

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SKT: SKT joined a domestic broadcast platform, but let the fans feel the impact of such live broadcast game results. This fans said, hoping to reduce the pressure of the players live.

" in February, the SKT team announced a partnership with South Korea E-sports company Kongdoo, and then SKT team members in the Twitch began to live, Faker has set a ratings record number. Last week, Kongdoo announced that they have cooperation and Chinese Betta TV, which means that the SKT team members will be broadcast live to two broadcast media. Although the players live and interactive fans are very happy, but due to various problems caused by the broadcast also let fans expressed dissatisfaction to team SKT and Kongdoo, they think it will affect the performance of the team and the reputation of South korea.

live in the early morning of March 7th, Huni was forced off line chat channel, because the SKT team members of the broadcast rights were sold to English flow and Chinese flow two media, while switching streaming media chat channels caused by Huni fail to communicate with the audience, he couldn't see the fans and they cannot message communication. Broadcast right to sell a number of media will not only damage the relationship between the players and fans, but also to the players themselves have an impact.

at more than three in the morning, Peanut is still live, and the SKT team in the afternoon at LCK will be the spring of 4. According to Peanut, Kongdoo signed a live contract, basically the players every day to live a fixed length of time, it is easy to cause their health problems. Fans are also worried that their favorite players will be forced to live and become zombies, rather than the real enjoyment of live and fan interaction.

is similar to that in the live broadcast contract industry has become a huge problem, broadcast platform to maximize star visibility and attract more audience attention potential. But this often leads to players forced to sacrifice their rest time and your life, they were forced to live players often not hope behavior, which also led to a sharp decline in the quality of live, even the SKT team members. This is not

Kongdoo for the first time since the SKT clan live by the fans of the accused, such a problem in Faker last month when the broadcast live, they were restricted style players, also sent to the specified translation of fans. Bang complained that once in the broadcast, Kongdoo's prisoner of Azkaban as their own restrictions. I hope that the pressure of public opinion can let the SKT team to reduce the burden of live, at least not completely be bound by the contract lost fun.

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