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Weakness calligraphy parents Anshan

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in the past few days, a calligraphy class enrollment in the circle of friends in spread WeChat in Anshan. Even if not going to sign up to the public, have also forwarded, since the enrollment in WeChat "eight no" too talkative personality: class parents, love travel with children's parents, the parents usually let the old pipe … … no charge!

is not a variety of "used" parents - this is not the parents choose the teacher, it is clear that the teacher choose parents!

look forward to it, and now the vast majority of children in Anshan outside to participate in various training courses. Children learn good or bad, in addition to the professor's teacher, the child's efforts, parents also play a very important role. While parents this sentence poke the weakness of enrollment information. The WeChat

released the "upright" teacher surnamed Cui, many parents called him fame, super personality. Some people praise, some people say too harsh. Reporters with curiosity, saw the net red teacher.

Cui teacher looks ordinary, calligraphy has been taught for 23 years. Cui said the teacher, every time he will recruit this WeChat, which is his enrollment experience for many years, summed up". As for the WeChat sudden explosion of red, he also unexpected: "my enrollment principle, not only is my personal view, but also represent the majority of the teacher's ideas. But I dare to say that 20 years ago, this temper. "Cui teacher jokes, some do not meet the requirements of the parents," he also get rid of a lot of.

[on the "eight no" Cui teacher is this interpretation]

1, regardless of the child or children of parents for the elderly I don't accept the word.

Cui teacher: I was reluctant to let the elderly shuttle children. Parents give birth to children, they have to bear the responsibility of education, can not be pushed to the elderly. Some of the children in our class is the elderly shuttle, pay tuition. I said to the children in class, home for parents to pay tuition to the elderly.

: small Cui teachers hope that parents can not when "shuaishouzhanggui" irresponsible child education entirely to grandparents, parents lack of child care, on the development of children is unfavorable. Parents because the work and the children in class time conflict, can not be sent, should not be rejected in the Cui teacher list.

2, love parents brought the child tourists often absent without.

Cui teacher: I hate some parents in order to bring their children to travel, even the normal school classes are not. Parents take their children out of the field of vision is a good thing, we also have a calligraphy class holiday, put more than a month off. Some parents play the time difference, waiting for the school to travel with children, go, go for 2 months, all day long absence. I can't handle the heart, I can't stand the fire. Learning is coherent, but also regular set of calligraphy, "says go" in fact, parents have no sense of responsibility, influence on children is not good.

Tracy: attitude decides success or failure, parents are the child's example, go to travel, can not be built on the basis of absenteeism, parents do not pay attention to learning, how can a child learn?

3, do not love children do not receive homework.

Cui teacher: calligraphy, piano art need to practice every day, also practiced carefully and endurance, not one day writers born. Unable to practice every day of the child, I do not want students.

4, parents are too spoiled children do not receive.

Cui teacher: now the parents of the child is too spoiled, some children write badly cry, parents will not write. There's not enough time to write.

5, what parents do to the child, do not give their children to exercise their own parents do not learn.

Cui teacher: I not only teach children to write, but also to teach children self-reliance. I usually ask the children to prepare their own classes with a pencil, eraser, his homework, there are things to communicate with their teachers, tuition fees themselves, the money lost my.

6, in the education of children do not cooperate with my parents, and I do not on the front line, the concept of education is not different.

Cui teacher: I give children homework, called every day to practice calligraphy. Some parents actually let the children focus on one day to finish, or parents instead of children to write, I thought I could not find. Parents should take the initiative to cooperate with the teacher to allow the child to be more independent, so only to disrupt the rhythm of the teacher, hinder the development of children. 7, learning time is short, the children do not have to, and would like to try not to use.

Cui teacher: calligraphy need to work hard, practice five or six years to become, this is during the child character training cycle. But to the end of the very few, almost two years out of a group. Who can stick to the primary school graduation, words are written very beautiful. 8, the parents of children who love to speak in class do not accept, I am the most annoying parents behind the lecture!!!

Cui teacher: I am the most annoying parents in the back of the class to talk to remind them not to speak, but also to speak! Some melon seeds, so influence the teacher mood. Do not give children a good example!

Xiaobian: the child's growth process will encounter a lot of problems, we also need to grow up in learning as a qualified parents. School and after-school classes can only teach children the knowledge in the books, a lot of our words and deeds

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