Foreign media said Chinese parents still interfere in their children's marriage: marriage is not looking for the poor and poor ugly"

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if the parents no longer have absolute power, but they still have great influence, especially if they are on the only child sacrifices and ready to share their wedding bride price cost.

" Reference News Network reported on March 9th French media said, in Beijing and other big city China Park, the parents organized by those eager to let their children get married "single market". Although since the last century since 80s, arranged marriage tradition has gradually declined, but the family influence on young people's emotional life is still great.

according to the French "Le Figaro" reported in March 8th, near the the Imperial Palace in Beijing Zhongshan Park, there are many older people along the long road lined up in front of everyone standing, are wrapped in plastic bags of paper on the cement ground. People kept stamping his foot, resist the cold winter afternoon.

reports that this is a "single market" organized by parents to get their children married". It is their own hands-on drafting marriage resume, the real advertising to attract the attention of others. Where a marriage resume is written, Li Qian (sound), female, 30 years old, as the accounting firm, from a family of intellectuals, "beautiful and delicate, educated, because science fiction awards, a car.

some other resume stressed that in the vicinity of the second ring there is a set of two bedroom or piano class 8". The choice of suitors is equally critical. Have asked the boy "kind-hearted, height of 1.7 meters to 1.8 meters", the home is in Beijing, a car and stable income". Even more surprising is that a mother is looking for a candidate to be born after 1986, but can not be born in 1988, because the birth of this year is a dragon, will be born in 1982 with his son (a dog) is not.

many anxious parents every Thursday and Sunday afternoon came to the park, so the match. However, other parks in the capital or some other big cities in China have similar "market"". The relationship between men and women have dominated the Chinese traditional arranged marriages since the last century since 80s has gradually declined in thousands of years, because the children are now more ability to choose their own marriage. However, parents will interfere with the next generation of emotional life: their opposition is often tied to money and social status and other factors, rarely refuted. Young people who are exposed to too much activity are getting married later, and once the girls arrive at 26 or 27, the parents can't wait.

for example, 60 year old Li Jianhua (sound) couple now only think of one thing is to have a grandson or granddaughter. Lee said, "my son is 37 years old, it is time to get married, but he met with some boys at work. "He also found that all of his friends were married. He introduced a few girls to his son, but his son was not satisfied.

reported that there is a mother who kept her daughter came here for the second time. She sighed, "when our daughter was in college, she was forbidden to go out with boys, waiting for her to find a stable job. But she is very busy now, also 29 years old, and is the only daughter, too late may not have children. "What

likes to come here is that parents don't need to spend a lot of money on it, and it's very different from the marriage agency and many dating websites, and it's easy for parents to get to know each other.

if the parents no longer have absolute power, but they still have great influence, especially if they are on the only child sacrifices and ready to share their wedding bride price cost. Psychologist Zhou Xiaopeng stressed: "today is still the case, if you can not get the consent of the family, the children can not make a choice. According to a survey conducted by

, a web site in 2014, 76% of young people choose to meet their parents' standards. There are more than 1/3 people even promised that once the relationship is not agreed, ready to give up.

reported that, in any case, few people resist. Zhou Xiaopeng said, "this is a tradition, because it is necessary to show their respect to the parents in accordance with the views of. Once they are unhappy, they may feel very sad. The expert also made it clear that the Chinese people want to avoid the parents in front of their neighbors, "disgrace", there are a lot of manpower figure academic success, marriage is to make the family proud". So when the Spring Festival draws near, some people hire a fake spouse to go home for the Spring Festival, in order to avoid questioning their loved ones.

because their parents believe that marriage should be the first to contribute to material success, their standards are very strict. To consider the laws of income, social status and background.

reported that the parents of this suffocating control is also reflected in the reality TV show. Such as Shanghai Oriental TV launched in December last year this kind of blind date program was a success. In the program, 5 young men and their joint appearance, but apparently is parents in control of the situation. A dietitian mother asked the future daughter-in-law hot, because she said that if the hands are cold, poor uterine function, will give birth to the baby to be in poor health. (compile / Lu Yangyang)

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