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yesterday, two officials talked about a tax, both sparked heated debate.

, a finance minister, Xiao Jie, said at a press conference to consider the appropriate increase in household spending related to the special deductions. For example, the "two child" family education spending … … the purpose is to further reduce the burden on taxpayers. As far as we are concerned about the amount of exemption, Xiao Jie said, will conduct a comprehensive calculation to determine whether to increase the amount of exemption, the increase will increase. There seems to be an increase in the likelihood of exemption.

is the other one has just been appointed Vice Chairman of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee Huang Qifan, in consideration of the budget report suggested that the personal income tax to the highest marginal tax rate is reduced from 45% to 25%.

a tax, people naturally have special attention. But think about China more than 1 billion 300 million at present, there are more than 900 million workers, to pay a tax number less than 30 million, the heart will inevitably somewhat sour. Members of the

as a glorious tax, that will have the same concerns and questions: tax reform exactly what to change? The future tax system can be more fair and reasonable?

exemption, special deduction

island can ask Uncle, who say the tax reform will be what kind of change? I pay tax less? Or a clever tax avoidance trench also taxed like I honestly like? Or buy a house, raising a child can be cheaper?

on the reform, the ultimate direction is to establish integrated with the classification of a combination of personal income tax system.

on blackboard: integration and classification of personal income tax system, is refers to the classification of the same taxpayer in a certain period of levying income tax; the end of the tax year, the annual total income tax in accordance with the sum of the progressive tax rate, usually have to pay income tax deduction of comprehensive income classification, in tax at the end of the year should pay the tax. The new

system, for ordinary income groups, the amount of tax will be reduced?

in accordance with the current design, consider the corresponding adjustment of exemption and special deductions, ordinary people have to pay personal income tax will be reduced.

first see exemption amount.

China wages and salaries, individual industrial and commercial households production management, labor remuneration, remuneration, lease of property and other 11 income tax payable, tax exemption only refers to the salary of this one threshold. January 2006 will be the amount of tax exempt from 800 yuan since 1980 adjusted to $1600 in 2008 raised to $2000 in 2011 increased to 3500 yuan. Just want to say that after the new century almost every two or three years a tune, it was found in 2011 from the adjustment, now in the past 6 years. 6 years, the average price of second-hand housing in Beijing has risen from more than 20 thousand to 50 thousand. A tax threshold is really up to the mark.

but how high can adjust a group of data is very interesting, in 1980 the average monthly wage of workers is 63.5 yuan, when the tax threshold is $800, more than 12 times the average monthly wage. According to the latest statistics, in 2015 the average monthly salary of 5169 yuan for workers in the country, in 2016 the average monthly salary of workers in Beijing, $7086, has been fully covered by the threshold of $3500.

so this year, "NPC and CPPCC", deputies suggested that the threshold should be adjusted to a minimum of 10000 to 12000 yuan, the idea quite bold!

consider inflation and other factors lead to the rising cost of living, originally every few years on camera adjustment, but the adjustment to what extent, still have to wait and see.

, however, only by adjusting the amount of exemption is not enough, the special deduction is also seen as a major positive support for individuals to buy a baby, etc..

special deduction in the calculation of personal income tax should be paid, the amount of the corresponding amount of special tax deduction in the tax base, thereby reducing the amount of tax.

, for example, Xiao Jie said, two child family education costs will be charged to a certain tax. In addition, according to foreign practice, the future, housing loan interest, social security funds, education and training expenses may also be classified as a special deduction.

family in line with the deduction of the project, it is equivalent to improve the starting point. The same income of two people, one to buy a house, to support a number of elderly people, raising children, the family burden is heavier, the future will pay a relatively small tax. (you are not suddenly understand why parents urge you to buy a house to get married?

) so, answer questions for TERT Island, to offset part of the tax, to buy a house, the equivalent of raising children is indeed cheaper than others.

of the Ministry of finance of the press conference, Xiao Jie in response to issues related to tax reform specifically said, "from the international experience, the implementation of a comprehensive classification and the combination of the personal income tax system, increase the number of special projects need to pre tax deduction. Social support is relatively mature. Such as tax collection and management departments, need to master the related taxpayer's income tax information, to ensure that the new reform of the personal income tax system can be implemented smoothly. In addition, in accordance with the principle of tax law, the individual income tax reform program research and development, but also the need to amend the tax law, and to the NPC Standing committee. "

how much income of the taxpayer, the property where the tax department can grasp the tax law. The tax information management is not only the premise and the reform of tax collection and management, tax reform

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