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beijingshangbao· 2017-03-09 09:43:53

" Beijing daily news (reporter Sun Qixiang Wang Xiaoli) March 7th Guangdong inspection and Quarantine Bureau of external communications of the Bureau in 2016 catalogue of import and export commodities Supervision Bureau shows that the total imports sampling 951 batches, 203 batches of substandard detection, a failure rate of 21.35% among them, the sampling of imported condoms; a failure rate of 46%. 60 thousand originated in Malaysia, Japan's well-known brand defects condoms were ordered to implement the recall and shipped out of the country.

informed that the Guangdong inspection and Quarantine Bureau in accordance with the deployment of the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine in 2016 on the import and export commodities outside the statutory inspection commodity. Checks mainly for high risk products in recent years, frequent quality problems, consumers of common concern, including air purifier, electronic toilet, automotive brake linings, household appliances, functional clothing, children's clothing, children's shoes, sanitary wipes, condoms, food contact products, wallpaper, wire rope and tire etc..

informed that the inspection of condoms (condoms) 13 batches of products, the detection of the 6 batch of unqualified, unqualified detection rate of 46%, the origin of Malaysia, Thailand, japan. Spot checks of various types of imported household water purifier and 22 parts of the distribution of water, the detection of the failure of the 10 batches, the failure rate of up to 45.5%, involving the production of the United States, Germany, Britain and South korea. Inspection of disposable sanitary products products (wipes, sanitary napkin and diaper) 62 batches, 28 batches detected substandard, substandard detection rate of 45%, involving the import countries and regions of Germany and the United States, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan of china. Spot checks of the 103 batch of various types of leather shoes, sports shoes products, the detection of 28 batches of substandard, failure rate of 27%, involving Southeast Asia and European countries. Spot checks of 249 batches of textile products, the detection of substandard batches of 51, the failure rate of 20.48%, mainly for Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia imports. For the unqualified above Supervision checks found, Guangdong inspection and Quarantine Bureau to take interviews with businesses, investigate violations of the law, shall be ordered to return and destroy the quality dealers and other measures.

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