The Hurun list of the 10 women start empty-handed Chinese accounted for 6 seats

The rich list Lihua Chinese chairman of the board of directors

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start empty-handed female billionaires before 10 accounted for 6 seats China Fu International Group Chairman Chen Lihua won the 50 billion 500 million

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3 on Sept. 8, the "daily economic news" reporter was informed that the report Research Institute released the "2017 Hurun global start empty-handed female rich list" shows that the global total of 88 found a $one billion China start empty-handed female billionaires, accounting for 2/3 of the world, the United States and Britain followed. Among them, only 12 countries start empty-handed born female billionaires, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen to become the "start empty-handed female billionaires are".

Analysys research institute director Yan Yuejin told reporters, in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and foster the development of related industries more soil, women's business acumen and management ability has its own unique "flexible" advantage, sometimes will play an unexpected effect, create more business value. It is worth noting that

, known as the "Beijing real estate" Queen Chen Lihua International Group Chairman Fu in 50 billion 500 million yuan of wealth, aspirations to the world's richest women start empty-handed.

Chen Lihua's name seems to be unfamiliar to the public. In contrast, the man behind her "success" has a high reputation. Chen Lihua's husband, Chi Zhongrui, is a national level actor, starred in the 1983 edition of the "journey to the west", as "made Canon plot in Tang Seng.

reporter Hu Run related query list found in early 2006 Chen Lihua has a wealth of 6 billion yuan topped the Hu Run rich list, after 11 consecutive years in the top 5 richest women. In 2009 the "scientific investment" based on the "rich list of career must be mainly from Pro creators rather than inheritance" standard, the selection of the China top ten richest woman, Chen Lihua also topped the list with 5 billion 500 million yuan of wealth.

8 years, Chen Lihua's worth soared 8 times. Reporter inquiry found the official website, the FUWAH International Group in Beijing have been built and the construction of the commercial real estate investment projects covering more than 1 million 500 thousand square meters.

in the list of the world's richest 20 women in only 2 other people are from the start empty-handed, wealth inheritance. At the start empty-handed female billionaires in the top 10, China accounted for 6.

in the list, the average wealth of 15 billion 500 million yuan billionaires, compared with last year rose by 11%. The average age of 57 years old, the average age of the global rich list is less than 7 years old, with a total wealth of $1 trillion and 400 billion. On the list of 1/4 Regal wealth and a total of spouses, Hoogewerf said: we try to separate the calculation can be separated from their families, but in some cases it is difficult to split. There is no doubt that "

" is the dominant position of Chinese women entrepreneurs on the world stage. The rapid growth of the economy is also good for this generation of Chinese entrepreneurs. "Hu Run chairman and chief researcher Hu Run added.

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