Music: if there is no Sun Hongbin, we may die

Shareholders LETV three strategy

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LETV three shareholders Xin root capital has strong: on music as ecological feed has a very normal, there are three hurdles to project future car

last week, LETV appeared two large transactions totaling 19 million shares, involving an amount of over 600 million yuan. It is generally believed that LETV original second shareholders (now the largest shareholder of the company) Xin root capital, the implementation of the reduction of.

3 4 on the morning of the morning, Xin Yuan capital issued a document on its official WeChat public number, said it does not make any disclosure and position on the network as a dynamic position.

3 8, Xin root capital partners had strong, accepted the Beijing news company confidential interview, a series of issues related to LETV responded. In the face of the problem about whether to exit LETV, has expressed strong, for the whole investment is two years ago LETV ecological layout, whether the exit depends on the fund term, strategic partner and Xin root relation etc..

" Xin root capital partners had strong

on the "Red Knight"

had strong roots: Xin capital from four aspects to play the role of "Red Knight" role, namely timely assistance precious funds providers, corporate governance and upgrading friendly promoters the innovation of shareholder value that travelers from and after the road company timely exit.

Xin capital cooperation with the music as it is precisely the practice of the Red Knight concept.

on "Sun Hongbin investment LETV"

had strong: Sun Hongbin is one of the second largest shareholder, Xin root welcome such shareholders, also hope that all the investment projects have become the second largest shareholder. If the company does not have the second largest shareholder, we stay inside, we die.

Sun Hongbin does not exit for the purpose of participating in corporate governance. We do not collide with sun in the investment, in private is a good friend. He has experience, which the music as the future has a very good sense of construction. About


had strong LETV future: about when to exit our invested enterprises, in accordance with the "Red Knight" principle, we believe in satisfying a condition is suitable for the exit time:

for entrepreneurs "timely assistance", improve the ecological environment, when the company strategic investors into the other and the company has a better corporate governance at the same time, we obtained a reasonable time report to meet these four conditions, we will choose to arrange our fund exit.

any fund manager, have the purpose of profit, and we also hope to promote the development of society.

we invest as the music, not only to profit as the goal, but will take into account the feelings of entrepreneurs. If only for pure profit, we will withdraw 58 dollars. We will not lose money in the sale of the company on the road, will be timely exit. Here refers to our investment strategy, investment is not specified as. We

of the music as a whole ecological investment and intervention is we two years ago layout, when to exit depends on three points: the investment fund itself period, and our strategic partner relationship.

we are for the purpose of profit, but also willing to promote the development of the company, we have so many companies, such as music, there are so many ecological investment into, is very normal.

" Xin root capital partners had strong

on other ecosystems LETV

had strong: you see we are the 10 Unicorn investment company, 9 are hundreds of billions of layout, can not be a little. And, we have invested a lot of music as ecological systems, such as movies, television and music as a cloud.

on music as TV

was strong: we have a deep idea about the big screen TV, but the idea of it is to work with the music as the music, or with other people, we are still judge. Because the idea here is a subversive. Music is our first candidate, but we also have other candidates.

this thing, first of all depends on who you work with capture (English meaning "capture"), also depends on us from the role, hope to have a big investment and shares, but also consider the market share level.


had strong: LETV LETV cars and three cars in the future to live.

in the field of important technology has its own independent breakthrough and third party recognition breakthrough? For example, the motor, the battery is a primary technology? Can make subversive cars, the price can be applied to China, the United States market demand. At the same time, can achieve mass production needs to solve the security, cost control and other comprehensive problems?

in the future, there are 100 thousand cars on the road, the security is very important. When there is an obstacle, all electric cars can turn the corner, but I went to Germany found that the other side of the car after the turn back. Google only 1 million hours of electric vehicles on the road data, music, as there are new challenges in the future.

if you can do these three points, I believe the music as far from the success of the car.

music on the phone as strong as

: we and music as a buyout fund, we provide music as the fund management services, specifically how to use music as the thing.

music as the phone is more sensitive to music as the ecological chain of business, involving incense

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