TV drama more and more expensive: production costs 200 million start


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At the beginning of

2017, the TV drama market is undoubtedly the world of costume IP drama. Whether it is in "keying" event "or" not alone zishang, a remake of the classic "Legend of the Condor Heroes", or just the finale "III. ten peach" "Datang glory" two big costume drama, in numerous TV talent shows itself early, become the head of drama in 2017.

! Just remove the end of the three hit costume drama, this year there will be "such as" Yi Zhuan "win the world" "Nine" recorded "misty" "circle month knot selection day in mind" and many other big costume drama continued to debut, even "whirlwind Queen" and "will night" two big drama also formally opened.

it is worth noting that these are about to be broadcast or are preparing for the costume drama show a common feature: production costs of less than 300 million, or even part of the big drama up to 500 million.

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after a lapse of one year, 300 million investment ceiling has been broken. Instead of winning the world, the impact of the 500 million production costs, the highest record of Asian TV drama repertoire". In addition, the "army" "Queen" and "night" will spread a few big costume drama also have embarked on a "500 million" train, looked away and "win the world".

in the capital of the competing interests, costume drama market has undoubtedly become China's largest commercial drama arena. TV production costs continue to rise indefinitely, the number of television sets, television, astronomical copyright caused panic was named radio star paycheck frequent criticism phenomenon, the TV market has dramatically.

5 costume manufacturing cost up to 7 times more

TV drama investment cost more China non rational, like "genzhaoganjiaozou" a vote. Less than 5 years, the cost of TV production has nearly doubled over the past 7 years, of which the most obvious change is costume drama.

2012, Sun Li, Chen Jianbin starred in "The Legend of Zhen Huan" on both sides of the Changjiang River hongbian. Whether it is over fifty years old grandmother, or just enter the huangmaoyatou, basically no wonder "The Legend of Zhen Huan". The play is the direct sale of foreign copyright, exported to neighboring Japan, set off a burst of Chinese culture boom in japan. However, 76 sets of "The Legend of Zhen Huan", the main character of the main house of many small, the production cost is only 70 million, the average cost of less than 1 million sets. This is now a single set of production costs nearly 5 million of the big drama, far from.

2013 and 2014, the TV market has changed little. When the hit "Lu Zhen legend" "Gujian" two costume drama, although not announced the production cost, but the clothing of road, scene, the production cost is not too high. "Gu Jian" also has been explosive production cost around 30 million.

2015 years, the TV market really entered the era of billion yuan. "" "spend thousands of bone Nirvana in Fire" hit behind the production costs of about 100 million were supported two props and costumes and landscaping scaffolding series. The cost of making costume fantasy drama also reached 5 million -600 case set, compared to 2014 rose 2.5-3 times directly.

from last year, the ancient costume drama production climbing. "-" create Chinese edition advocate the right game ", the direct investment of 360 million;" "choose day record" round "continued to join the ship on the 400 million;" military alliance "has not been declared 400 million" value "is" win the world "500 million The early bird catches. Since then, the market will send a sageuk get out of hand...

... According to SARFT TV Secretary Mao Yu said: "the 2016 filing by the publicity department plays 1208, ancient themes 250, accounting for 20.7% of the total. "

in 2017, the big costume drama still occupy half of the country"". In addition has been aired "not" reward "Tang Gu Fang" glory "III ten peach" and "Eagle Shooting Heroes" costume drama, the first half of 2017 at least 6-7 of IP sageuk will boot. The year 2017, the first broadcast platform has about 2 of the costume drama. The growing number of

, production costs continue to rise, also let the costume drama once again become a highly anticipated.

Star paycheck occupy nearly 7 of the cost of making

a TV production costs rose to 500 million, a fantastic. A staff member told reporters in the television entertainment small beast: market is currently unable to digest more than 500 million of the big drama, the market's largest capacity of 3-4 billion. , after all, the domestic film production costs are about 300 million.

so, a 500 million or so of the costume drama in the end where the money spent?

a lot of people know about a TV show

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