Red flag: the lower figure difficult to stray


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store furnishings Zhou Zhengsu Mourinho, from the angle to the sofa and tea table, tea cup between, are in compliance with an invisible unspoken rule, and this rule once let the ordinary consumers have a sense of distance. With the majority of the 4S store on the market, the people first, the opposite of the warm wind, the red flag seems to be more willing to show a as the Republic of the eldest son of pride. The best time to pass the

" has not put the figure to make it expansion and brand, the concept of hindsight and let it to find direction in return to the traditional household car consumers in the market. In essence, the core competitiveness of the red flag car is almost zero, especially after China's automobile consumption concept gradually mature.

"why can't you sell a red flag? I used to sell BMW, Audi began selling this year, you always say to go to the high-end, high-end, in which brand Chinese can also high-end leaders take the car? "A fierce quarrel

just over 33 years old Zhang Xuan is in the conference room and his father, the head of the second generation dealer group in the German luxury car as the main business focus, not completely take over the business. He has a special liking for the red flag of the brand. In the past six months, this is the sixth time he made to his father to open second red flag 4S shop in Shanghai, but each time the father and son both part and the end.

"if three years ago, the temporary cash flow problems, the first Shanghai Coliseum is our home, the rainbow what happened! Zhang Xuan often referred to in the Waterloo Coliseum for red flag three years ago, are extremely anger not yet appeased.

what do you know now Beijing and Shanghai Coliseum are closed transition into the 4S store? "In the face of interface news reporters, Zhang Xuan gave a start after slowly replied:" they know that Putuo shop I also went to Nanjing West Road, and then nothing. In fact, not because I want to meet a child wants to be complex, I wouldn't want to open a shop in the red flag. This year can come in to see the red flag car are a handful of people, not to mention the money to buy the. The shop opened, steady loss does not earn".

from Nanjing West Road to Nanjing West Road No. 555 West Yunling Road No. 600

Zhang Xuan mentioned in that moment, in fact, is the FAW in Shanghai in 2013 555, Nanjing West Road opened the brand exhibition hall, the official took an ambiguous means for its name -- the red pavilion. The continuation of the Coliseum exterior decoration red flag has always been in the red and black color collocation "philosophy, interior decorated with carved mahogany table and screen, beige sofa and white porcelain tea these ordinary 4S store rare decoration. The

Coliseum around less than 700 meters from the Nanjing West Road subway station, although the location in Shanghai belongs to the upper section, but the dealer in the site and the subway station will not walk into account, for a flagship high-end business market car brand, take the subway to see is a possibility of zero. While around the Ferrari, Porsche and Martha Lahti such Ultra Luxury Brand Style of avant-garde exhibition hall, the appearance of simple Coliseum seemed somewhat misfits.

"special closed last year, had deserted in most Ningsai is got, passing time, eyes to look what the car ran special. The amount of millions of cars, Saning will buy? (Shanghai: last year closed early, desolate, most of them are passers-by looked a few eyes away, who will buy?.) See reporters constantly looking inward across the glass, building security in one side can not bear.

also deserted but also extended to the Coliseum in Putuo District Yunling West Road No. 600, a new site, and previously detached homes, new dwelling in a full build up the business park northwest corner, next door neighbor from worth millions of Ferrari a new electric car, yellow signs in the sun is dazzling, with the popular country music came from time to time and sales of noisy sound of conversation, let the red flag Shanghai rainbow shop into a strange atmosphere, whether it is a busy site or the surrounding facilities than the site is more than one level.

fortunately this kind of strange in the store disappeared. Familiar with apple computer still put the reception, intentionally or unintentionally design for new and old shop, the height just can make the LOGO of Apple Computer and show complete, "the standard MAC" seems to have become one of the most important label coliseum. The door with red carpet on the seemingly unremarkable, but feel at ease, and asking the purchase price over a million. Store furnishings Zhou Zhengsu mu, from the angle of the sofa and coffee table, to the interval between the cups, are in compliance with an invisible hidden rules, and this rule suddenly let ordinary consumers have a sense of distance. And most of the 4S store on the market, the people first, the opposite of the warm wind, the red flag seems to be more willing to show a proud attitude as the eldest son of the republic.

but this was proud of the store decoration random pile of scrap and MINI across the 4S shop boom shattered completely. "Why I have money to buy it, the opposite is the BMW and TOYOTA and Lexus, go forward, then across the road and Zambia

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