The bicycle industry searched the next outlet

Tuyere bicycle industry profit

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" leveraging shared bicycle, bicycle manufacturers become xiangbobo, large manufacturers, brand bicycle orders surge. However, the Beijing Daily reporter found that most bicycle manufacturers are still on behalf of the identity of the factory engaged in the production of bicycles, lack of innovation, design and brand marketing, and even to complete the sharing of bicycle factory orders, the enterprise independent brand bicycle production aside. Long past, bicycle manufacturers want to continue to fire down the difficulty is not small, with shared bicycle heat faded, single order production mode, travel function is replaced by aging, the bicycle industry development under an outlet where?

less orders: strengthen the depth of cooperation since the

from ofo, v-mobile bike sharing bicycle brand staking, once the bicycle market reinvigorate keep going by painstaking effort. The domestic bicycle manufacturers enthusiasm, orders received mercy "". Guangzhou Zahn bicycle culture limited company manager Ye Zhidong introduced, the company has received a number of bike sharing platform in order to ensure completion on time, and the factory is working overtime production, after the monthly production of about more than 40 thousand bicycles, bicycle sharing into orders, factory capacity can increase 80%.

shared bikes do bring fire to the bicycle industry, but how long has it been that hot shared bikes can fire? According to vice president, China Phoenix Bicycle Bicycle Association President Wang Zhaoyang introduction, this year is a crucial year for sharing cycling competition, 3-10 is the most popular on the stage, and then to the end of 2018 bike sharing pattern tentative, sharing cycling competition has lead to overcapacity, the future production capacity will decline and stabilize the bike.

until 2018 to share the bicycle pattern is stable, the market growth rate slowed down, the decline in orders is an inevitable result, some rely on order inventory of the factory, will face a severe test.

this is Ye Zhidong also has been seen, he told the Beijing Daily reporter, companies rely on orders, although a short time can get huge profits, but it is not a permanent solution, sharing a bicycle as a new thing, after a long time can still maintain a certain activity, want to completely revitalize the bicycle enterprises need. On a deeper level of cooperation. According to Ye Zhidong

, although the enterprises continue to accept shared bicycle platform orders, but also with a single enterprise Mobell deeper cooperation, Zahn provides sharing in Guangzhou bicycle maintenance work as Mobell bicycle, hope that through this deep cooperation, can continue to drive the development of enterprises.

Rose: a huge cost brought by the high-end

order bicycle sharing transformation, the bicycle enterprises earn pours, but at the cost of raw materials prices, share the bicycle factory price unchanged, the bicycle factory enterprise profits are being diluted. Insiders, the annual production of bicycle accessories is a certain number of domestic production capacity is limited, in the case of increased demand, the price increase is an inevitable part of the results. According to Ye Zhidong

, the single platform of cooperation and sharing bicycle factory is divided into two ways, one is the platform to provide accessories, factory assembles; another is from the platform to the factory, all produced by the factory to complete. Customization, cycling and sharing platform enterprise will each car sharing bicycle factory price agreement, however, with the price of bicycle accessories within a short period of rapid rise, the pricing agreement has been reached the factory will face the situation of profit has shrunk dramatically. An unnamed insiders revealed that at present some of the smaller bike sharing platform customized bike sharing factory price in 300-400 yuan between, v-mobile bike and ofo bike sharing giant vehicle factory price will be relatively higher.

Ye Zhidong made a calculation for the Beijing Daily reporter, to share the bicycle accessories in the single speed flywheel as an example, the accessories in 2016 when the price is 2.3-2.4 yuan / month after the Spring Festival, the sharp rise in prices, the current 4.5 yuan / month, prices by nearly 90%, although prices soared, but the single speed flywheel is still in short supply after the order can not directly take goods, need some time to delivery. Other parts of the price also appeared in varying degrees of rise, or 15%-20%. In addition, due to rising prices of raw materials such as steel, transportation costs, the cost of each bike also rose by about 20%. Ye Zhidong said, "before half-dead" bicycle accessories industry, by bike sharing the heat also earned a great.

face parts prices, share bicycle profits narrowed, to get rid of the hat factory, by the heat to find a new way out, bicycle manufacturers are also in action. Wang Zhaoyang pointed out that a lot of companies are seeking transformation, in the face of new consumer demand, some companies began to focus on the promotion of brand style. Rising costs brought about not only to reduce profits, on the other hand, forcing companies to innovate, to promote the transformation of high-end products, which is good for the industry. Ye Zhidong also said that the future of enterprise transformation and innovation, the force of high-end products is a correct direction. The lack of


with shared bicycle to force diversification promote rapid momentum, in Ye Zhidong's view, the future of personal bicycle travel function also gradually be shared instead of cycling. Sharing the popularity of bicycles, it is difficult for consumers to buy on the trip

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The bicycle industry searched the next outlet

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