In response to rumors Nongfushangquan listing: no intention

Market rumors Nongfushangquan brand

touzijie· 2017-03-09 09:44:03

" Beijing daily news (reporter Sun Qixiang Wang Ziyang) March 8th, media reports will be listed or nongfushangquan. According to the media list provided, as of January 31, 2017, the Zhejiang area in the company to be listed counselling period a total of 107, Nongfushangquan heranzailie. Beijing Daily reporter contacted Nongfushangquan secretaries Zhou Li, the reply is "no listing plan", for why will appear in this list, the force of the past just reply". According to media reports

data show that in China Nongfushangquan drinking water industry market accounted for 25% share in the world market in drinking water was ranked in the top three, from the point of view of market share, Nongfushangquan drinking water in the domestic industry leader is no doubt. In the 2016 China's top 500 private enterprises, the list shows that farmers last year's revenue of 10.9.11 billion. Nongfushangquan 2015 revenue growth rate of 3.5%, 2010-2015 years the average annual compound growth rate of 15.8% (CAGR). Although

did not appear on the market plan, but the farmer spring "was listed" for a long time. The food and beverage industry Chinese Brand Research Institute researcher Zhu Dan Peng believes that the farmer spring had no pressure in the channel, brand management, etc., in recent years, the industry competition becomes more intense, the farmer spring hope go ahead and do downstream layout. But do the whole industry chain enterprises, Nongfushangquan to invest a lot in the early stage of the upstream industry, and the recovery period is longer, so Nongfushangquan hopes to use the capital leverage to reduce their pressure, so as to realize the rapid development of enterprises, the current business volume to the farmer spring, is the water drains into the.

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