Ministry of housing: house is not speculation fund is not lying

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's voice continues. The third came to the minister's voice is the Minister of housing and construction Chen Zhenggao.

how to look at the real estate trends?

China's long-term economic fundamentals have not changed, the fundamentals and the real estate market is closely related, as long as the fundamentals do not change, the real estate market will not change.

we are in accordance with the requirements of the central government to develop a stable and healthy development of the basic system of real estate and long-term mechanism, after the introduction of the basic system of long-term mechanism, the real estate will play a protective role.

shantytowns million people how to see?

"Why are we in the three or four cities in the county to promote monetary resettlement? Mainly based on the following considerations:

first, the removal of the relocation of the transition from the bitter. Because you have to go out to find a house to rent a house, or rent a house, or to live in the family home, some to live three years, and some live for four years. In the past few years, we can imagine the difficulties, the difficulties can be imagined.

then the monetized resettlement is not a problem, he took the money to go out to buy a house, we called out of the shanty towns can move into a new building … … "

fund is" lying on the account "?

20 years, we have paid a total of 10 trillion and 600 billion provident fund, which is extracted, and the loan is the loan of the 4 trillion and 50 billion. Last year, as far as I know, through the changes in the interest rate adjustment, workers increased the income of 16 billion yuan.

does give us a lot of workers to solve the problem, but this is almost all of the 100 million workers purchase a house, the purchase of the two, there is no case of the purchase of the three. "

fund remote extraction" chapter too much, can less toss?

this reason is more, one is the relationship between the two places involved in the loan to the two places.

in the procedure is indeed a problem, we all reflect a relatively long time, so we are trying to adjust the behavior of the fund loans, I believe this problem will be resolved. "


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