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"the legend of heroes" series started as Falcom flagship product "dragon sword" out of a separate article, but history is always surprisingly similar, March 9, 2006 launch PC version of the "Legend of heroes Sora SC" has become the "track" brand series of official signs, from the "Legend of heroes" took the baton the main Falcom RPG will make only superficial changes of Japanese heritage down.

" because of "empty track" sales performance is too great, so the team followed by writing the story, the title of the "SC" direct "is the second chapter (Second Chapter)" for the game the character, world outlook, and set all before the close connection, but everything seems to become more complex and huge.

from the first came into contact with the series of game player of course is a very happy thing, after all, Estee M and Joshua's story before the end was not finished. But this is too close to the new game player apparently not very friendly, a lot of people and set the background all in one explained, resulting in new is from the middle of a TV series began to look like, the overall lack of awareness of the content of the game a lot, and the background and plot it is "one of the the most wonderful empty track", so it depends on the first play or other auxiliary information to cram a.

in 3D +2D before the scene image manifestation in the highly acclaimed has been used, although in 2006 has been somewhat outdated, but Falcom excellent art let this relatively backward technology is not so difficult to accept, but take care of a lot of PC configuration is not high and the various details of the game player, the ultimate pursuit of people admire. In addition to the battle scene in a large number of brilliant effects and 2D characters vivid expressions and also effectively compensate for the lack of dynamic picture authenticity, forming its own unique style, this is to establish the "empty track" of the brand image is very useful.

before the loop, such as crystal magic table, tactical changes in specific systems have been strengthened in different degrees, the collection of elements of the game is still and play and other aspects of the special strengthening.

" new fishing game "img_box

casino is also open a new chain of tactics to increase

later both power and performance, even has the ability to change a battlefield in this casual game; fishing is time killer, a variety of props including crystal stone, ingredients, catch, fishing point distribution is fairly reasonable, but only from the monster bait; cooking system before the relative chicken ribs can be greatly enhanced and a variety of additional properties and powerful let the blood return effect of items price surge in money and good luck; if the game player can go to the admission FC not open Lu Ann casino luck, except money but also get some props.

" in addition to the character voice also to shape the image has played a role in the game, and thus enhance the sense of quality, is a great progress in Falcom its works, from the degree of attention can also see that the company "on track" of the air.

" in short while SC than FC both in the picture or system are not too obvious progress, can only say that in accordance with the style and context before the story will continue to down, in principle, is more like a piece of information before or strengthen the power version, but the excellent story and grand and magnificent view of the world but in this work has been fully demonstrated, it is easy to forget all the flaws in the technology and game picture and so on into the plot, for a RPG and this is undoubtedly very high achievement.

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