Import a large number of donkeys China, because the gelatin is so popular?

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" you may not know, in addition to the lovely donkey, is a kind of rare animal in ancient Egypt, people put the treasure and flesh of a donkey donkey milk. In Chinese, donkey really have to thank the overnight explosion of red gelatin, gelatin is used colloidal material refining out of the donkey hide gelatin, Chinese medicine with blood and Yin, Yang, utility aging, insomnia and cough are endless.

is a famous traditional Chinese medicine of gelatin price is government regulation in 1994 after the heat temporarily cooled, but recently, Ejiao demand rapid growth, thanks to pay attention to the quality of life and are willing to spend money to the middle class, this group of people has been coupled with gelatin to maintain the loyalty parents' generation to let the donkey in twenty-first Century and a fire.

Qz reported that the light is over the past 2 years, there are at least 1 million 800 thousand pieces of donkey skin trade worldwide, most of these skins were shipped to Chinese, and the donkey prices have gone up. Africa is the main origin of China outside the donkey, the donkey local prices have been from 10 years ago to $60, rose to about $300 now.

data show that China consumers are willing to pay up to $244 monthly consumption per kg of gelatin, gelatin is about $360, this is not cheap, the market of medicinal and edible gelatin products, every kind of gelatin gelatin block, oral liquid, gelatin cake, jujube gelatin etc.. Behind the

of these products have a myth generally, British media Dailymail interviewed China Ejiao merchant, was saying "man eat gelatin, will become strong and sturdy, live longer; women eat donkey, can stay young, beautiful like a princess. "That Ejiao has become the first brand, tonic in OTC (non prescription) has become the largest single product market.

" although some utility Ejiao has not been confirmed, but did not stop the hot market, currently has more than and 200 production Chinese E'Jiao related companies, more than 90% of the gelatin produced in Shandong, Eastern Shandong Province, is a long history of the origin of donkey hide.

, the largest of which is Dong'e County Limited by Share Ltd, the Shandong company, claiming to be the gold standard, the gelatin industry established in 1952, now has more than 10 thousand employees, annual handling 1 million donkey skin.

at present, the company is expanding at a rate of 2 times, but the price is not concessions. Over the past 15 years, a total of 16 times the price of Dong'e gelatin; since 2001, Dong'e E-Jiao retail price from 130 yuan rose to 5400 yuan per kilogram, or more than 41 times; and a single variety of gelatin sales from 330 million yuan in 2005 to 3 billion 510 million yuan in 2015, an increase of 9.6 times.

Ejiao series products is the company's pillar, 2015, Ejiao Fej, such as peach Kyi gelatin product accounted for more than 80% of the company's total sales revenue.

"Chinese getting rich, but also to live more and more long, they need more traditional tonic to prolong life, keep healthy," said in Shandong, another Ejiao company Centennial church President Zhang Tengzhi had an interview with the media.

" but for the gelatin production company, a bad news is Chinese the donkey crisis. The market data of Dong'e gelatin companies, according to the current market sales estimate to Chinese gelatin, donkey skin around 4 million, while the total domestic supply 1 million 800 thousand. In fact,

donkey is very common in China northern countryside, people use them plow, cart and so on, but with the popularity of machinery, greatly reduced the number of donkeys. In 1990s, there were 11 million donkeys in China, but now it has dropped to about 6 million, and it is falling by about 300 thousand a year.

at the same time, the donkey self breeding cycle is long and difficult, large-scale farming is one of the reasons for formation of difficult crisis, demand led to rising prices Lvpi at an annual rate of 23%.

2000 years before and after each Lvpi price is only 20 yuan, the price in 2016 rose to 3000 yuan, "a donkey skin price 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan between, and a horse, mule skin was 200 yuan, and some leather shoes, leather pigskin making the rest of the waste would be cheaper," Shandong Province Academy of agricultural biotechnology research center, director of the center said fast step sequencing. The

crisis is also reflected in the other hand, last year, Xinhua news agency has warned that reducing Lvpi raw material, attracted a large number of producers to replace donkey hide the fakes, "a mule, horse and pig, as the embodiment of every hue" Ejiao "products" in the report of Xinhua News Agency wrote, "in some the case, some people even use leftover make leather shoes left".

" in order to solve the problem of shortage, Chinese began to import large quantities of donkey skin, have good trade relations and Chinese Africa has become a major supplier of China. Take Ethiopia, the territory of a total of 7 million 400 thousand donkeys, has established 2 large donkey slaughter, slaughter is the owner of Chinese.

Kenya has 1 million 800 thousand donkeys, last year the government agreed to build a $3 million donkey slaughter in Kenya, its owner,

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