The British Prime Minister, Aunt Mei was photographed up laughing spoof unsparing


youjizuozheBen· 2017-03-09 21:57:23

British Prime Minister

Teresa · 8 may in the UK finance minister Philip · Hammond (Philip Hammond) announced the budget up laughing, this video was posted online, have been spoof. Some netizens said that this is probably the most watched horror a movie this week, there are users really like a cartoon villain.

shot to Aunt Mei up laughing, shoulders shaking, completely snatched the finance minister's style. This section of the screen quickly on twitter (Twitter) set off the discussion, there are thousands of users a message, the netizen said "there is a big laugh cartoon villain".

has friends to make spoof pictures, directly into a whole fish stuffed Aunt Mei open mouth.

Harry Davidson&rlm users; some people just want to watch the world burn …

" and the friends said, I accidentally frightened her.

what is it that makes Aunt Mei laugh? It is a member of the Jeremy Corbyn referred to a housing tax, said the speaker and Aunt Mei's argument is not the same, referring to Aunt Mei do not know the situation, poke her smile.

many people said, Aunt Mei is mocking each other in fake, some people say that this is probably the plum aunt for the first time in public.

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The British Prime Minister, Aunt Mei was photographed up laughing spoof...