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WeChat wallet free industrial and Commercial Bank of China

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hot mom has been for several years, no new year did not see the festival playing mahjong, no fireworks, from years ago had limited time into the infinite rush envelopes activities, to seize the opportunity to improve revenue (a joke, it is mainly in with baby). However, I think WeChat is only $1000 per year the amount of fee free, more than some 0.1% fee to charge, or hot mom felt ten thousand damage … … saying, WeChat is not the WeChat withdrawals of bank deposits of changes to the person's name? Can only say good channels, this company is a highly profitable Tencent!

" but the episode occurred during the Chinese new year this year, inspired by hot mom developed a free from WeChat wallet in the method. Estimation of micro business friends to see here, will be a good day.

things like this. Hot mom with a mobile phone bank operator Kaka transfer, an inattentive, the money transferred to a credit card. The operation of such a simple transfer can be wrong, especially the commonly used debit cards between look down, freaky freaky also drunk... Originally thought to pay credit card withdrawal fee to take out money, in view of the amount is not small, and then took the opportunity to make the record to the next debate on how to verify the evidence of her husband not reliable in.

however, hot mom know some of the bank's credit card can overflow payment free varieties are now in , so freaky try attitude to husband refers to a bright way: customer service phone call, check the overflow payment credit card cash withdrawal fee how close ~

what is overflow the payment? Literally understanding is to pay more. For example: suppose you owe the credit card balance is 2000 yuan, but you also have a $2500, which is more than $500 overflow payment. Overflow payment is the existence of credit card funds. In order to put the amount of money raised, some banks have to pay fees, but some banks do not charge.

fortunately, someone turned the wrong card is China Merchants Bank credit card, according to customer feedback, China Merchants Bank credit card payment overflow from do not charge fees, but in the next day to extract to. Specific methods of operation are: in China Merchants Bank pocket life APP click on the lower right corner of the "mine", click "login, then click the" check repayment "overflow payment, bind any one of your merchants bank debit card, you can get a credit card on the overflow payment, and and the moment of arrival Oh, not to the customer experience.

well, the original strokes extraction method of overflow payment no fees... Freaky immediately think of the WeChat change fee free extraction: with WeChat wallet can be used to change the credit card, and then open the WeChat right corner of my wallet, > binding a free overflow payment. Credit card, then use WeChat Wallet to balance repayment. In this way, the money in the wallet WeChat free to the credit card. Then, you can in the credit card customer service instructions, free of charge from the credit card to withdraw the money oh. this way, you can easily achieve WeChat change free cash ~

said that, in addition to China Merchants Bank, industrial and commercial bank, construction bank and other banks to support credit card payments overflow 0 fee from oh.

note that is only part of free cash overflow payment Oh, if your credit card debt, so this method can be no free Oh ~ because you return to the credit card money will be used to repay the credit card debt. Originally, freaky little wool to China Merchants Bank credit card to sell, this will feel keep is quite necessary, usually do not mention now is just the right brush.

friends, please call your bank customer service and ask if your credit card is free of charge. If you feel that this little trick is useful, may wish to visit friends and relatives: - - we will finance, but also to save a little bit of it, right? Author:

hot mom has financial public number: lama_ycs

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