Lotte 3 visitors to unsubscribe from Hotel Korea reservation cancellation


cankaoxiaoxiwang· 2017-03-10 10:45:01

picture: China tourists travel consultation in the open. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yao Qilin photo:

Hong Kong media Chinese tourists because of "Sade" from Hotel Korea hotel industry source:

Korea complain incessantly Reference News Network

Reference News Network March 10th Hong Kong media reported that South Korea began deployment in South Korea "Sade", "China domestic anti Sade" emotions escalating. A number of hotels, the east gate Seoul Myeongdong popular tourist site, recently received China travel group and individual unsubscribe request. Lotte's hotel reservation cancelled 3 brunt. The hotel industry have complained.

according to the Hongkong Economic Daily quoted the South Korean media reported on March 9th, located in the east gate of the Ibis Budget Ambassador Hotel, said the hotel has been canceled all of the Chinese tour of the reservation in Seoul. The hotel staff said, every day there are 2 to 3 Chinese individual requirements cancel the reservation. The hotel is half of the tourists in the Chinese tourists, so heavy losses.

addition, located in Myungdong since February 28th (Le Tian Lotte City Hotel, and the government signed an agreement to Sade for the day) since the cancellation rate rose to 3 into a hotel reservation. Cheap hotel Shilla Stay also refers to, since early this month, China tourists booking rate dropped 25%. The hotel staff said it is trying to attract tourists to Southeast Asia, reducing the impact of the decline of Chinese tourists. In recent years,

China tourists to Korea continue to soar, 2016 Chinese tourists accounted for more than half of foreign tourists visit to South korea. The Hotel Korea industry to meet the needs of tourists continue to expand. Since last year, the single is Myeongdong region there are 6 Nuevo Hotel opened. Reported that the Chinese Anti - "Sade" mood will make the Hotel Korea industry hit.

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