Can go to England to take a ride on this flight experience should be excellent


minhangziyuanwang· 2017-03-10 12:02:45

3" on Sept. 8, British easyJet flights all female units took off from London Gatwick Airport, landing in madrid. The flight crew, the copilot and 4 flight attendants all female.

27 year old captain Kate · Williams (Kate McWilliams) is considered the world's most young female commercial airline pilot.

" at the age of 13 she learned to fly in the air at the age of 15, performing "somersault" stunt, 16 separate successful test flight, the 19 year old birthday, she participated in the Southampton CTC Airlines flight training project, become a qualified pilot.

2011 May, she became the deputy driver of the class= through the layers of assessment into EasyJet. In 2016, she beat a lot of veteran pilots to succeed as captain.

Williams has flown about 100 countries, including Iceland, Reykjavik, Israel's largest city of Tel Aviv and Marrakech and other places of Morocco city.

Kate said that the pilot is still one of the few female practitioners in the industry. Only 5% of female pilots. Therefore, the arrangement of all female crew is of great significance.

2016, her partner soon was selected as Britain's young pilots of the 19 year old Luke, from London to Gatwick safe flying to Malta.

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