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Eddie Peng League of heroes Z

17173youxi· 2017-03-10 19:53:20

recently, the hero league players continue to open the Uzi live.

in the live, someone sent a Uzi gift, out of courtesy, Uzi said: Thank you for what Eddie Peng

finish saying, Uzi opened the hi mode: Wow, Eddie Peng, there are a lot of Eddie Peng ah! I'm Eddie Peng from Shanghai......

then the sound is getting smaller and smaller.

even Uzi himself feel shy, said: do not say do not say, too sick, I feel nausea, recently 55 old teach me some dirty things, teach me something. Recently do not know why, like 55 open, he taught bad kids. Yes, I am a child

ha ha ha, so adorable Uzi you seen it?

fan reviews: come on, you are the fattest Eddie Peng

series: Shanghai, Eddie Peng? Ha ha ha

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