The same flying self, why she can succeed?

Miracle flow lovers bancuntou

shenbayingshiquan· 2017-03-10 20:53:01

entertainment every once in a while, there will always be a falling star, and become a lot of people watching the object. Deep eight Jun sometimes can't help but want to, in the end is what they personally made a mistake, or this kind of occupation is really special.

star to please the public, often grow over the years to create a false image, this kind of self split to a certain critical point, it may be in the form of outbreak.

" has been a period of time such as flying self cool girl, a lot of people see a joke every day, even watching micro-blog vision latent into fans. The other team, so she would like to pay into the group of fans of news, today your fans move and open the suspected cause There were many discussions.

" every time like this news, fans in the comments section is always the best you are shouting cool girl misunderstood her, while passers-by have said cannot read what she was doing, just think she should leave the entertainment circle.

eight Jun is not particularly determined, Zheng Shuang is not herself completely dead. Chinese star adolescent goes mostly private or too observant of conventional standards. route, even if not all work reliable, to the front of the public will play jolin. But

star in adolescent self flying examples are not uncommon, some of them really flying flying to stardom in fragments, some people are able to tear off the mask to create a new image. For example, made a super big dead Twilight female, all the way to release themselves, but successfully reverse the negative image.

" Twilight female from openly gay to bancuntou bold, of course there are bashing, but laments her beauty, live a cool sound seem to prevail.

eight Jun estimated angrily: she will split the legs as a mistress, not worth the pursuit! Don't worry, after 88 will analyze why she made such a big star can rebound die.

" in Jolin entertainment stars get together, sometimes there will be a rebellious flying talent shows itself effect. But in the end is to fly into a dead end or fly out of the new world, or depends on whether you have a clear thought about how they intend to fly.

- I am hypocritical in the line --

eight Jun sometimes think, childhood idol pop goes the rebel line, such as the Nicholas Tse concert still hit a guitar, although this hypocritical, but boys and girls are being older, I feel so cool wow.

" play the villain is often easier than the protagonist color, the "new police story" Nicholas Tse mad cool pack handsome, but finally become more popular or play the big bad egg Daniel Wu.

but I don't know when it started, the rebellion was not popular. Small fresh flowers in small, does not seem to go rebellious route, but stressed that his shy innocent love.

"Xiao Song" Gao Xiaosong in South Korea about that period, said Hollywood idol is the sun muscle type, let the fans feel protected. South Korea and China idol, but popular soft pale, let the fans arise spontaneously protective, willing to tear him all over the world, and therefore have a sense of achievement. Eight Jun

deep thought, Zheng Shuang is not the kind of delicate and touching people are black I bully me, excited the fans of the identity and the desire to protect, so strong, and the battle was especially loyal.

" before she smoked pictures and whether the public smoking is wrong, delicate and touching plus a layer of rebellious decadent taste, in the flowers did not find second. Protective + adolescent identity cool, many people know a little cool type "honey love" passers-by come.

" may be so, Zheng Shuang will form a closed circle

" each made of a micro-blog, often terrified passers-by, but fans can translate a lot of people they did not understand the meaning of "

and there were rumors that a special service group, for example, to be shouted in unison, little sister good night, not shouting will be kicked out of the group "img_box


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