The price is as high as a few million your old tape still?

Price tape up investment

tengxuncaijing· 2017-03-10 20:56:29

" recently, the old tapes of getting hot, out of print tape became the object of many old pet heat collectors. In the collection market can be seen everywhere old tape figure. A good friend of the little tigers single box tape, prices are 100 yuan, some even higher. The treasure map (ID:cangbao88) will take a look at the old tape collection value.

" [old tape collectors] elder group widely collect Zhu Fengbo Lee, a collection of ancient early; the middle-aged collection of Teresa Teng, Julie So and other early collections; the young Andy Lau, BEYOND, collection of works.

" [old tapes are rare collection value] old tape circulation is small, people mistakenly thought it was just entertainment and not pay attention to custody, plus natural loss or discarded, can be preserved so far has been one of the few collections, great value.

] tigers tape single box tape over the price from 80 yuan to 4000 yuan, and some complete album, because sells goods, the price is as high as million yuan. A little tigers "goodbye" album tape, is to sell 1100 yuan.

Jacky Cheung [20 years ago] offer yuan tape tape collectors in the online sale of the tape of Jacky Cheung, the original tape 20 Jacky Cheung, offer ten thousand yuan. Jacky Cheung "PrivateCorner" glass version price 14999 yuan.

" BEYOND tape "BEYOND with an early signature white piece of the perview_img_p price of 11000 yuan in.

"content_img_p" Teresa Teng [tape]'s original version of the original version of the tape on the site 1500 yuan price of $(id_imagebox_6).

is currently in the collection market, a plate of Chyi Chin's "wolf 1" old tape, price up to more than 20 yuan; a set of Frances Yip "Shanghai" old tape, can be sold for 100 yuan price up to 200 yuan; Zhang Shumin; Li Yilan Yuan Fengxia singer, online price 1000 yuan.

" [] to be genuine scarcity of tape collection value at present, the market price of higher tape, for genuine scarce goods, such as Teresa Teng, the original version of the little tigers tape. Like Jacky Cheung, like Faye Wong, is still active in the music industry, the old tape of the price is not too high.

" now, UNESCO has a sound collection included in the "representative of human civilization development path of the twentieth Century art cultural heritage project", the preservation of the old tape also fortunately ranked one. The old tape collection value rise, will drive the entire music products, as a newborn, with the investment value of the collection to enter the market, the future performance of the old tape, people will wait and see.

] the first guess gold album tape China published is "Zhu Fengbo solo songs", want to know how much value it now? Welcome to pay attention to the treasure map (ID:cangbao88), WeChat official reply keywords "tape" answer tell you right now.

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