How many parenting: avoid saying the wrong thing for children!

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lingyuwang· 2017-03-10 22:15:26

, a child should not say the wrong thing and

1, you're very good

when the children were injured, you say "nothing to him," you are very good, this is undoubtedly the child cruelty, as if his cry is waste of effort. You should tell your child you know it hurts, and try to help him recover. This can comfort the child.

2 and others are better.

is the worst thing to do to compare children with others. Comparison will let the child closed, no confidence. Do not use other people's success as a child assessment scale

" parents should avoid saying the wrong thing for children.

3, can not play the

children's toys scattered is often happened, you can instruct him, but do not threaten him, not let him play, this is to tell the child he is not obedient you do not love him. You can tell him, if you do not receive toys, toys will leave the house on their own.

4, can not ask the

children will naturally pray things, you are facing a constant prayer, please, until you accept. If you do not want to compromise, the threat will only lead to more stubborn behavior, as well as repeated problems.

5, you made me late.

asked the child to be as fast as you could be. Whether it is work or date, occasionally late is not big, do not let children bear the guilt of delay.

6, finish... Do you think that watching TV can make him do things faster and better,

? In fact, this creates a psychological barrier. The child will not be able to focus on what he has been asked for, nor can he do it well.

, two words bad influence on children's

1, affect the child's psychological

if you threaten the child, even blame the child, it is easy to let the child feel that he is not important, and even doubt your love for him, resulting in inferiority, no confidence.

2, leading to deviant behavior

sometimes your careless words, it may lead to the child's rebellious behavior, and may even be a serious behavioral bias. Like "Why are you stupid than a pig?".

3, the impact of parent-child relationship

your criticism and advice to the child will affect you and his relationship. If you often use negative words, easy to cause the child self-esteem, and therefore timid, afraid to express your thoughts, leading to alienation of parent-child relationship.

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