Look at the domestic money Mobile Games look at martial arts, foreigners to do the "Kung Fu" Princess Shu Yan, which do you prefer?

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danglewangshoujiyouxi· 2016-05-01 23:32:08

foreign developers in the eyes of Chinese martial arts game in the end what is it like? We may be through this called "Kung Fu" Princess Shu Yan (Shuyan) works into one or two.

recently, the foreign independent website DB Indie news release, the Toronto game company Animation Mark to create adventure action game "Kung Fu Princess Shu Yan" will be landing in 2017 PC and iOS platform. Actually, as early as in 2014, it had landed on the IOS platform, but there has been under the frame, during this experience in the end what mishap, we are unknown. But it doesn't stop us from knowing and understanding the game that looks good. Class= img_box "

foreign developers in the eyes of Chinese martial arts in the end is what kind of?

experts see road, laymen watch. For a long time, the Chinese elements in foreign film and television works have been misunderstood, Hollywood movies for the Chinese elements of the understanding is always in a fuzzy zone. For example, the let Tang as the goddess of mercy on love U. S. version of "journey to the west", scenes from China into American drama style and Tang's monk is played by white people. And "Kung Fu Princess Shuyan" producers invited "the cartoonist to the international stage of the first person" said cartoonist Guo Jingxiong (Daxiong) personally create aesthetic style, absorb the modern comic style at the same time, with professional and authentic strokes delineates the an ancient Chinese world view, not exaggerated, also not be demonized.

"will play the family to follow hero Shu Yan sight to understand Chinese traditional individual self-cultivation, and this just is the essence of Kung Fu. "This point perfectly to the chivalrous spirit in martial arts. Wu also man < "martial arts", "Kung Fu Princess Shuyan" interpretation of the chivalrous ethics at least than many floating on the surface of the Western martial arts game to come deep. And about the "Wu" part, the production side Animation Mark also gives his own opinion.

games follow the traditional martial arts to "home" and "home" to divide the gameplay and is rare < "in ancient China, traditional Wushu is mainly divided into" Waijia effort "(hard Kung Fu. Note: practice moves for heavy, Yinggong Kyo) and" internal Kung Fu "(soft Kung Fu. Note: pay attention to practice kungfu, action implicitly, the opening and closing of nature and inaction). The real martial arts is the need for self - control - from emotional problems, learn to focus and then enhance the personality charm. "Battle system

" Kung Fu Princess Shu Yan "is therefore divided into" home "and" Kung Fu "inside Kung Fu two. Internationally, mainly through training a large number of moves to complete the Waijia effort of learning and gameplay similar in "Batman" forms of fighting. In the game, the system is mainly to test the player's concentration and reaction force. Corresponding to these two types of Kung Fu, the game also respectively provided "arena" (area mode) mode and "breath mode" focus mode). The former allows players to experience in continuous combat kills to Waijia effort, subtle, and the latter by the player's attention force and reaction force against a single enemy.

left for arena mode, pictured right breath mode < p >" we hope for this game into martial arts philosophy, and allowing the player to learn, not just fighting, but also related to your personal moral choice. "Animation Mark's creative director, Parker Drew, said. Is the the martial arts elements as commercial tool of misappropriating manufacturers do not have the

from the point of balance, "Kung Fu Princess Shuyan general headquarters" the martial arts "essence of God" are to get incisively and vividly. So, this game should be valued, it is worth to let more people know.

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