Right now the three or four line of urban housing prices, and now it is worth to invest?

Investment house prices immediate city

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, many people think that I recommend you go to the three or four line city real estate.

you saw at the beginning, but did not guess the ending.

in fact, I would like to say that the farmers to buy their own children to buy a house in the city, and now to buy, do not go up thousands of times to follow suit, in fact, last year, some of the three or four lines to the inventory task has been completed a lot. General

to cycle down to around 13 months, prices will be unable to rise. Some cities have more than 2 years of inventory, prices have been opened up, wonderful!

but don't be jealous, want to invest. Don't look lively, blind, in the three or four line of the city real estate to make money is too naive, a further analysis of the specific reasons.

some people say three or four line population outflow is serious, as hopeless with cancer, how is it possible to the inventory also increased, it is harder than being nonsense.

under the cherry home in Hunan as an example to analyze it, in addition to Changsha, other cities are 345 lines, from the data to see the inventory situation. Other provinces can also be compared to the local bureau of statistics data.

usually in the first volume, volume up first, then prices.

(1) commercial housing sales growth of

2016 years, Hunan Province commercial housing sales area and sales have maintained rapid growth (see chart), fast growth in the country, ranked tenth.

Changsha perview_img_p sales accounted for nearly half of the wall of the province of. The vast majority of the city's housing sales have improved. 14 city states, there are 13 cities and counties to achieve positive growth in the area of commercial housing sales, while the same period last year, the negative growth in the area of commercial housing sales in Hengyang, Zhangjiajie, Yongzhou, the city of three. (pictured)

" (two) to the inventory effect

till the end of 2016, Hunan commercial housing sale area of 29 million 14 thousand and 600 square meters, down 12.3%, 4 million 80 thousand and 800 square meters of less than 2015 at the end of the year. Look at the slide of the curve.

" but to differences between regions of relatively large inventory

for each city's economic development level, the consumption capacity of different cities, the real estate cycle to the huge difference. Among them, the longest cycle of the region is the poorest of the Autonomous Prefecture of Xiangxi, up to 63 months.

note, residential and commercial housing to cycle varies greatly, mainly because of commercial housing sales difficulties, over the past three generations, now the Internet affected the electricity supplier, raising three generations became a shop, investment in commercial property is greatly reduced, love to buy housing.

relatively speaking, the residence of the cycle is not too large, Changsha is 12 months, most of which are in the past more than and 10 months, more than only the Zhangjiajie and Xiangxi, but only the city of Yongzhou for 2.4 months, the difference is very large.

how to go to the inventory?

inventory effect is obvious, the demand is indeed increasing; the government think of what measures to play a role in it?

in addition to the general down payment, interest rates, cities and counties throughout the country to buy a house for cash subsidies, tax relief, but also 09 years to save the market routines. In addition to

, there is a way to attract farmers friends. Migrant workers are usually guerrilla warfare, there is no fixed monthly income, which is also a little unstable for the month.

doesn't matter! The Agricultural Bank of intimate tailored "farmer home loan".

is specifically for the agricultural population and access to urban household registration less than 1 years of farmers, down payment ratio of 20%, down payment of up to 30%, the loan interest rate can enjoy a discount of ten percent off. Farmers can choose monthly, quarterly, half year repayment frequency, early repayment also waive the liquidated damages.

reduce the supply of

inventory at the same time, reduce the completion area, equivalent to reducing the supply of the next year.

(pictured), the second half of last year, the completion of the area growth cliff style decline, the sale of real estate market this year will be reduced accordingly, reduce the area for sale. This will gradually achieve a balance between supply and demand, and then, from oversupply, to supply, prices naturally rose.

prices have started to rise following

cities to the inventory is relatively large, the price began to rise, no sense of it, but the market is up.

" even the inventory cycle up to more than and 20 months in Xiangxi, Zhangjiajie's housing prices are going up. Supply and demand can not explain.
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