Changyang found the "mysterious stranger" squirrel shaped but slightly larger than a squirrel

Changyang squirrel flying squirrel faeces

chutianjinbao_zhoushou· 2017-03-10 23:33:17

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chutianjinbao news (reporter Zhou Shoujiang Du Qiang correspondent) shaped like a squirrel, but a little bigger than a squirrel! In March 10th, WeChat group, a video circulated by chutianjinbao reporters note. The video was taken by a sudden "visit" by local people called "raising children" of wild animals. The reporter phone Changyang interview was informed that the "mystery guest" has returned to the mountains.

10, the video circulated on the WeChat show that "mystery guest" is Changyang Zheng Jia Bang village. That mysterious visitor ", allegedly in Qingjiang Fangshan area at the entrance to the side of the road. Qingjiang Fangshan area of a deputy general manager told reporters that "chutianjinbao, mysterious visitor" time at 9 pm at three or four, is the area surrounding the farmers found the farmers around the shooting video also scenic.

" the reporter saw in the video, it was suggested that the "urge children" was immediately caught, but the opposition, a woman loudly said, can see it, but not to harm it. This long 54 seconds of video at the end of the show, "urge child" has left along the roadside. Qingjiang mountain scenic area staff also said on the evening of 10 Chutian golden newspaper reporter, "hurry son" and finally return to the mountains.

Changyang is located in the mountains, mountain thin adults, many rare wild animal, but the scenic staff said, such as "guest" is still relatively rare. A

reporter in the online search found, "urging children" also known as the Chinese flying squirrel, herbivorous medicinal animal dung, is faecestrogopteri. As a typical arboreal animal, wild mainly in the mountains, cave row precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, stool in the nearby residence, artificial acquisition risk. The flying squirrel belongs to the national animal protection.

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Changyang found the "mysterious stranger" squirrel shaped but slightly larger...

Changyang found the "mysterious stranger" squirrel shaped but slightly larger...

Changyang found the "mysterious stranger" squirrel shaped but slightly larger...