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The leader of the

" in Taiwan Cai Yingwen January visit to Taiwan authorities in America's "allies", that she is wearing a windbreaker controversial British brand. The KMT legislator Lu Xiuyan said in the "Legislative Yuan" question on the morning of 9, the leaders of dress is on behalf of the Taiwan image, Cai Yingwen should learn the former "first lady" Meiqing week.

according to the Taiwan news network reported on March 9th, Lu Xiuyan points out, the leadership of the clothes in addition to the representative of the "national" image, but also on behalf of the local design division of support. Taiwan leaders, and even important officials, will wear the works of local designers on important occasions. Even if not good at dress before the first lady Zhou Meiqing will wear designer clothes in Taiwan.

2015 Ma Ying-Jeou, his last "double ten celebration", Zhou Meiqing wearing two dress, are designed by the Taiwan young new designer Wang Shaoyu, "dark blue satin dress Zhou Meiqing's double ten celebration" flower dress, a indigo brooch, low-key and simple; the "double ten party" is a a black lace dress, and then do the white pearl brooch, very elegant. At that time, Zhou Meiqing said that these young people have great potential, it is worth encouraging, so please practice the university to recommend designers for her.

Lu Xiuyan also questioned the Minister of culture Zheng Lijun said that this year the "double ten" set an example, Taiwan wear designer clothes? Zheng Lijun said, her Golden Bell award this year, evening wear, is Taiwan designers, Taiwan British designer Chen Shaoyan as a consultant, designed by university students clothes.

netizen said: "Miss Xiaoying acid, eat only the chef cooked the meal, only foreign custom car, so to" go abroad ", and" allies "one by one run, is to play!" "miss love brand? Taiwan design disdain? "

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