Russian youth suicide is frequent these deadly game harm?

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recently, the suicide of young people in Russia caused great concern in the country, just a month, similar reports on up to thousands of articles. Russian government also began to sell, Russian Federation communications authority from the beginning of the year so far has closed nearly 4000 dead group".

3 6, vice chairman of the State Duma Irina · iaro Vaja in the United Russia's official website said: "Russia should for the first time in the form of law to those who try to lure children Dutch act on social networking sites, set up" Run or Die ", similar to the blue whale 'death Group' of the sanctions and punishment. The bill includes a series of measures to protect the lives and safety of children, and improve the system to prevent youth suicide. Her initiative has been a positive response to the Russian cabinet.

following the State Duma, the Russian government has successively promulgated the relevant measures to prevent the tragedy from happening again. Red Star News found that Russia's largest search engine yandex also blocked the suicide of such keywords search.

what makes Russian teenagers so damned? In the investigation of Red Star News, like "blue whale", "magic fairy", "Run or Die" this kind of death group gradually surfaced.


game picture according to the phenomenon of sweeping social networking sites cited students "take life go"

Star News found in Russia, social networking and communication software in the rapid diffusion about a new game "Run or die" warning message. According to Naza Lo Wo

online website reported that some local students are attracted to the new game "Run or die", "children from the front of a speeding car ran, and all this video recorded.

wrote: , a young man aged 10~12, ran on a highway in the city center, while another teenager recorded all of them in a photograph. fortunately, the driver responded to the brakes in time to avoid the tragedy.

however, nazarovo police did not confirm the news, the police said that they do not know about such incidents.

according to the star news in the survey found that in addition to the "Run or Die", also known as "blue whale" deadly group.

from November 2015 to October 2016, in the territory of Russia, there were 80 cases related to youth suicide. it is understood that most teenagers started holding exploratory attitude to join the "true blue whale".

it is understood that the "blue whale" publishing tasks include: to get up early in the morning to see horror piece, with a blade scratch yourself - this is the least invasive task, then the task opens a new task (more difficult task) of the gate, and the ultimate task is Dutch act. The task also requires students to publish photos or videos on the site.

, however, similar information has been found and blocked by the police. However, this kind of game guide is still a large number of network groups in the copy forwarding.

hit the police blocked the Dutch act message parents to panic day to accompany the child

The Question website according to the February 16, 2017 survey, in the past week, every day there are 50000 minors about problems related to "blue whale" game by The Question.

"blue whale" in the group photo according to

according to the Russian state radio Chita branch (hereinafter referred to as "National Radio") reported that in Baykal Krai also spread about the "death group" message. The news sent parents into panic. Regional Duma representative Alexander · Thabo, Raskolnikov has · to the Ministry of the interior minister of Chita, Moskin proposed related websites blocked Gennady.

Natalia, a Russian ·, said in an interview that she spent more time with her children after she knew about the terrible game in the. "there's a lot of news about it on the Internet, and it scares me. I was very worried about it, so I had a conversation with my child. "

Natalia's daughter, Riera, said the popularity of the game is growing exponentially. Participants usually close their group of social networking sites, and the moderator, or the planner, controls the participants to complete the assigned task. "I learned about the game from a friend, and I knew it was going to be a task that would be threatened if I didn't do it. For example: involved in burglary or worse. I know that's not true. I've talked to mom. "

" mining "death group began to spread to rescue hopeless is called the

Star News also found that such groups now exist not only in Russia," blue whale "has appeared in at least two European countries, has even spread to America. < /

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Russian youth suicide is frequent these deadly game harm?

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