Curious! The fisherman caught all the fish he had caught

The fisherman harpoon blue green chlorophyll

huanqiuwang· 2017-03-11 08:43:07

" not long ago, the United States a fisherman fishing diving, his hand holding a torch, a hand harpoon, soon on the stones found a plump fish.

will be fishing ashore, he began to open, did not think this fish is from A to Z blue and green, looks very special.

" which he shared on the Internet, and said: "it is a beautiful fish, caught on the same day he ate. Users are surprised to see that after the appearance of a variety of fish, but after the opening will generally be white meat and bones, the fish is blue, very strange.

foreign media reported that this fish called "snake tooth single fish" also called snake cod (Lingcod), although the meat color is gorgeous, but to eat. About 20% of the cod fish snake is blue, because they usually eat foods rich in chlorophyll. Eat chlorophyll even the flesh like this, the world really is big, Nothing is too strange..

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