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Bomber red flag military exercise cavalry

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In January

2017, Nevada Nellis Air Force base, the United States Air Force Bomber Squadron thirty-seventh B-1B Lancer strategic bomber is in "red 17-1" exercise.

B-1" is the North American aviation (with Rockwell after the merger and acquisition, by Boeing) in 70s to develop the supersonic variable sweptwing strategic bomber, first flown in 1974, and in 1985.

B-1B is an important improvement of the B-1 bomber, so far there are about 60 B-1B still in the U.S. military service.

B-1B install 4 F101-GE-102 turbofan engine with afterburner, a maximum thrust of 7711 kg, 13961 kg of afterburning thrust. F101 bypass ratio is about 2, installed in the B-1B root below the double engine nacelle, nozzle has 12 pieces called "fairing Turkey feathers", but in the actual use of "turkey feathers" were removed to reduce weight and reduce maintenance complexity.

B-1B body is slender, the front fuselage layout 4 seat cockpit is installed at the rear part of the huge swept vertical tail, the tail root of the dorsal fin extends to the machine body. Stabilators installed in the tail below, a higher position. The middle part of the fuselage of the fuselage is smooth transition to form the wing body fusion, can increase drag reduction. A

B-1B front landing gear hydraulic steering device, the undercarriage forward income below the nose. The main landing gear is installed between the belly below the nacelle, the 4 wheeled wheel, on the belly to income. The

B-1B" four system unit: pilot, copilot, defense Officer (DSO) officer and attack system (OSO). The pilot and copilot seat in the parallel double piece windshield large angle, the windshield can meet the stringent specifications of bird strike. Pilots and co pilot have fighter style joystick and throttle. DSO and OSO sit side by side at the rear, each have a porthole.

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