How do you prepare for a marathon?


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"at the beginning of the first clear, here refers to the runners started running, but the age is not long run or run is not enough running friends, so the marathon is the beginning of a horse". When you see the other "high level" run group runners a year to run several marathons, but only envy, hate the heart is not straight itch? Don't worry, after reading this article, you can also be a marathon runner"!

1 > running gear ready for a pair of shoes . Weekend to the Olympic Forest Park station, you will see 10 runners in the wearing a ASICs, people choose ASICs is a reason, a very good package, shock absorption performance, running very comfortable. If you put it bluntly, ordinary shoes run very comfortable, just wear ordinary shoes to run, but don't wear shoes, leather shoes in the run followed; and since ready to run a marathon, it is best to prepare a pair of marathon running shoes. If you want to know ASICs which is the most suitable for their own, you can ask the specific degree of mother or looking like Bigger running college, such as the public asked.

2 picked a running compression clothes, want cheap Decathlon, want to choose Nike to professional trend, choose skins, the other girls must choose bra a cost-effective, or "broken waves" run up not only kill, others also embarrassed embarrassing myself.

3 conditions to buy a sports watch, recording distance, speed, pace, know yourself to run what, there is no comparison with the last progress; buy a mobile phone pouch no conditions, a running record of APP mobile phone.

4 running with sunscreen Leggings Gauntlets, running fast dry winter coat, night running choice with reflective clothes or pockets, these do not insist there must be, can also be used instead of the other.

pre marathon training program for

marathon is generally divided into full marathon (42.195 km), Half Marathon (21 km), some events and mini marathon or home run, 10 kilometers, 5 kilometers, 3 kilometers have. Here is mainly for the whole horse, half horse ready, whether it is the whole horse or half horse, 3 months of preparation time is to complete a marathon, but the intensity of the training is different.

the training program in the first step should be assessed, such as FMS Sex test, plantar pressure test, there is no assessment there is no starting point, the plan is also no basis for. However, in view of the first runner, all have some common features, that is, weak power base, low monthly running, irregular training, etc.. So the following training plan for the public at the beginning of a runner, if there exists running posture, left and right side limb strength differences, scoliosis and other personalized needs strong problem, need to make professional coaches or sports rehabilitation division and detailed assessment of the training arrangements, to avoid problems aggravated.

whether it is Malaysia or half horse, 3 months to accumulate run at the same time, also to mixed cross training, the main task of runners is the foundation to improve

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