16 year old girl to drink mother "male friend" after the drink...

Beverage Anhui mother girl

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husband working in Ningbo Cixi Anhui woman A Ping (a pseudonym) never thought, you know in WeChat's age fellow, would become one family's nightmare. She greeted him with a home for dinner, who knows is "wolf" - by A Ping and her daughter Lim drive to play the machine, in advance to two people drink drugged, then raped A Ping under the age of 16 daughter.

social software bypass:

mother introduced fellow male friends to know

family from Anhui Ping is nearly 40 years old, working together with her husband in Cixi, the daughter of two thick (a pseudonym) is left in the middle school. At the beginning of 2016, Lim Ping and fellow through a social software understanding. This year, Lim had over 40 years of age, his wife at home farming, two people had 4 children, the largest adult, the youngest 5 years old.

pictures from the network and the thick forests of the Ping daughter first intersection in early July 2016. At that time, just graduate, take advantage of the summer to Cixi to visit his parents in the thick, and the mother went to the bank to withdraw money in forests. A Ping had talked to see Lim's daughter looked very happy, very politely to thick bought a lot of fruit and snacks.

a few days later, Lao Lin took two boxes of drinks again in the thick and thick home, a family of three to eat dinner together. During the meeting, Lin also jokes that want to recognize thick daughter to do.

in the same year the evening of July 23rd, Lim drove A Ping, thick mother and daughter to go to the beach. At first, it is to go with the thick forests came home, also do not want to, but ultimately did not break the determined to take her to go to the mother, went to the forests of the car. Because of not playing, Ping and lim agreed, the afternoon of the second day come again as soon as possible.


: male friends to borrow friends play rape case daughter

second days around 2 in the afternoon, once again appeared in front of A Ping Lim drive home, mother and daughter have to take this into the back seat of the car, have fun at the beach. On the way, a mother and daughter who Lim handed a bottle of beverage. A car on a hot day, two people just thirsty, drink bottle opened up. Soon, the destination, the three people in the sea to play a circle. I think everything is very strange, constantly lift the phone to take pictures, A Ping also bought a lot of things.

, however, after a while, the emergence of dizziness, dizziness and other symptoms, also began to feel a little uncomfortable. "Your mother might have been sunstroke. "To need to rest by Ping Lim, mother and daughter will be brought to a nearby hotel. To the room, the mother and daughter discomfort symptoms are more obvious, become drowsy.

at this time, forests also excuse, A Ping will be taken from the room. Later, he returned to the room alone, while the deep confusion on the occasion, forcing them to have sex.

pictures from the network after the resumption of the forests will not be sent home with her daughter.

at home, the mother and daughter is still a pair of sleepy, Ping up when bathing in a trance also fell, while her husband saw two people a little unusual, but that is out Fenghou tired. Thick sleeping at home until the next day, it found their nakedness bleeding and pain, then inform the factory are working parents. Go to the hospital after the completion of the discovery of female genital rupture, A Ping couple was aware of the seriousness of the matter, and in 26 daily police.

will pay

voluntary compensation 240 thousand yuan for 4 years in jail

cap is not sealed, when I opened the feeling easily turned. "Deep recalled later, because the bottle drink is full, my mother was sitting beside him, she is not the slightest doubt to drink, in the car after another drank half a bottle of. It is understood that the incident was very poor 1 months before the full age of 16. When

learned that the investigation organs in forests, by a few of their own relatives and friends so many phone calls and contact the thick family, find relatives together after the payment of 240 thousand yuan plus 1 20 thousand yuan IOUs, and their parents signed to the thick thick is voluntary sexual intercourse, so figure money to settle the matter.

in September 12th of the same year, ran home from the head of the forests, surrendered to the public security organs accompanied by his family, but refused to confess the facts of the crime, in the face of all kinds of evidence are still trying to evade responsibility. The

case in the trial process, and ultimately voluntarily pleaded guilty in court, and said the victim voluntary compensation funds 240 thousand yuan, and made a deep understanding of their parents.

court held that the old behavior constituted the crime of rape, although the initiative, but did not truthfully confessed after appearing in court, so the law can not be identified has voluntarily surrendered themselves, eventually sentenced to imprisonment for 4 years.

pictures from the network things in the past more than half a year, at present, A Ping and his wife had to move, the thick has returned home, to start a new life in high school.

pictures from the network is simply scum!

is a fellow, and the elders should do such a wicked thing!

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