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heavy | Lining for the first time in response to the question: "Lining" how to be saved?

2012 to fiscal year 2014, Li Ning Co has suffered losses for the past three years. 2015, Li Ning Co ushered in the return of founder Lining.

for the company's revival, Lining began to fight, he frequently participated in various activities and entertainment should not love. He appeared around the store, marathon, cycling track, media interviews, but also the heart of their own micro-blog. From cooperation with Jingdong to reach, and millet together with the introduction of smart shoes, Lining in a step by step to promote the transformation of Internet plus sports life experience "service provider.

3 12 21:50 this week, dialogue, Lining has always been low-key response for the first time, how to save the problem of Lining, the problem of the first time.

Lining saves "Lining" without so many stories!

Chen Weihong: the Li Ning Co in 2012, 2013, 2014 three years, suffered a decline in performance, Lining is back, save enterprises continue to decline. What did Lining do to save Lining?

Li Ning Co founder Lining: This is not so many stories. Just now a friend told me that Lining was looking forward to it. What do you expect me to say? You are looking forward to my company to make money, or look forward to my products do a good job? In fact, we did not consider this issue. We are not in the past three years on the performance of the landslide, because we take the initiative to adjust their own, to transform, will affect the performance.

I think it is important to brand, brand is what? Including quality, more important is the product experience. This experience is a way you can put these technologies, technology and materials and the use of the scene of the study, people's inner needs of a trend, art design, you put it on your product. We do like basketball shoes or running shoes, badminton shoes, tennis shoes, badminton racket, we need to study the characteristics of the movement, the movement mechanics, the movement of the human body medicine, body mechanics, site environment, material function, and finally designs you, this product will be attractive.

" by Lining: Chairman of product experience to communicate with consumers

Li Ning Co founder Lining: because consumption is constantly changing, people living in the change in demand change, it needs a kind of experience. So you have to create the product experience, you will be able to get people to communicate with you, slowly focused on the brand. This technology is the most advanced, but with my life, and I do not have to use half of the scene, I have nothing to do with you?

" brand slogan change without another hidden mystery?

Chen Weihong: Li Ning Co is their brand slogan has undergone some changes, for the brand's slogan is what mystery? Chairman of Li Ning Co founder

Lining: I don't think there much mystery, or product experience, when I tell people that I want to change the sound, found no change more readily and more attractive product experience, people will not have a sense of identity, the most important is the product experience, I do product design, brand management and the market management, our factory can give to the factory to do, so I think the future may be more simple processing Chinese manufacturing is not an industrial product, if really can have value in the added value of the pre planning, design, advance for a future use of imagination after the scene. It is the implementation of the final product, the value is Chinese manufacturing, rather than a processing value.

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