Liu Qiangdong is to earn money to look down on the "stigma"? SF: employees pay 6 Insurance

Liu Qiangdong SF listed staff.

qudongzhijia· 2017-03-12 14:10:54

days ago, SF holdings listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the head of Wang Wei skyrocketed, ranked the third "2017 Hurun list" in China, after Wang Jianlin and Ma .

" however, International Finance News reported that SF employees lack of five social insurance and one housing fund guarantee, sparked heated debate.

analysts also quoted the words of Liu Qiangdong analysis, "if a company you are relying on deductions of employees, five social insurance and one housing fund at the expense of brothers after the age of 60 life insurance money, the money is a shame".

, the Beijing Youth Daily also sent a survey of the status quo. In accordance with the number of

SF brother said, they are directly and the company signed a contract, "we just didn't have five insurance fund, , probably every month 400 yuan, which is its own pay 400 yuan...... In addition, also for their own on a "accident insurance" for the protection of additional traffic accidents. "

" six insurance and direct "argument has also been confirmed in the SF of a responsible person of the.

however, SF internal as well as "self-employed" crowd, is the network manager, self financing, this is their payment of social security. It is reported that

, SF courier for direct, courier wages are "piece", no salary, to send pieces and pick-up the singular terms, sending pieces is 1.6 yuan / single, take 2.5 yuan / single . The company for each employee within the area of the scribe, basically by 1-2 express courier charge. Courier monthly salary of about 5000 yuan to between $10 thousand.

of course, BYD reporter noted that other courier companies (such as Tong, tact, rhyme, every day, etc.) because of the dependence is to join the system, basically no five social insurance and one housing fund and labor contract.

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