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" to see beauty live singing, couldn't help anchor the spoiled sell adorable, many viewers will usually "X pill", "X food" virtual currency "reward" to the main broadcast, for a "thank you".

even will recharge hundreds of thousands of yuan, to buy a sports car as a gift -- in fact, fans of a gift, eventually become real money into the pocket of the anchor.

broadcast platform and other new formats for the rapid development of the same time, the emergence of some new regulatory issues are also noteworthy. For example, these play reward should not pay? Who should pay?

net red anchor payment of 60 million yuan tax

according to the Beijing Daily reported on March 10th, Beijing City, Chaoyang District Local Taxation Bureau recently revealed, a live broadcast platform in 2016 paid to staff income up to 390 million yuan, but fails to withhold the individual income tax, the tax payment of about 60000000 yuan last year. The

live platform responsible person that, "our platform anchor income is through Alipay cash, the money is directly out of the anchor, so we did not feel the need for them to withhold the individual income tax. "

but the tax department stressed that the broadcast platform to develop the relevant financial rules, but also rely on the platform anchor income, the obligation of withholding personal income tax shall not be responsible for platform borne by Alipay and three party. "For a red net live on multiple platforms, multiple income, the tax department will increase the intensity of inter provincial investigation. "

at present, a total of more than and 200 live companies on the domestic market, the influx of each capital, the number of users has reached 200 million, the large peak daily broadcast platform while online number is close to 4 million, while the number of live room more than 3000. Such a huge industry scale, the importance of tax compliance is self-evident.

reward income should not be taxed? Online debate has long been

reporter learned that, based on the principle of voluntary play reward function, was born in micro-blog. March 2015, Tencent opened on WeChat's appreciation function, only for the original content of the WeChat public number, playing the amount of appreciation from 1 yuan to 256 yuan. Subsequently, live, chat, answer a lot of social applications have opened a similar appreciation function.

as early as last year, "Luo smile" incident, the network about the reward should pay tax has been a controversy:

support "tax" that rewards as labor or labor relations as deterministic, so it should be regarded as given, without paying taxes.

to support the tax, said that the behavior is not an independent reward exists, first of all, because the reader is very much agree with the article published by the author, and then there is a reward behavior. So, the original received a reward amount certainly cannot be counted as gifts, but shall pay taxes in accordance with royalties income or labor income.

Tencent was given a response, said the user gains through the play should be paid to pay their own income tax. Tencent stressed: Tencent only as a neutral platform to provide information release function, appreciation of the user should pay various taxes in accordance with the law, by the appreciation of the user to pay.

matter, China University of Political Science and Law Tax Law Research Center Director Shi Zhengwen told the daily economic news reporter analysis said that the anchor reward income to pay personal income tax, or require specific analysis.

the tax office tax Dongsheng, President Wang Dongsheng said:

anchor as an independent broadcast platform: by withholding

in accordance with the provisions of the tax law, tax taxpayers and withholding agents, regardless of the type of the basic rules, who pay personal income, who is responsible for withholding withholding agents. If the employment relationship between taxpayers and company income is income from wages and salaries, withheld by the company.

if the taxpayer and the company is providing services and relationships to receive services, income is labor income, labor remuneration paid by the company, withholding tax. If the channel resources or personal borrowing, not get income from the company, even if the flow path through the company, the company is not a personal income paid, no withholding tax obligations.

daily economic news reporter interviewed by a number of live platform that, at present, the source of a live platform different. Some anchor is a platform for direct contracting; some platforms and brokerage companies to cooperate by the brokerage company to coordinate the anchor to live; there is an ordinary person to use live software for direct broadcast.

no matter how the relationship between the anchor and the platform, personal income should pay personal income tax, which is certain. Now the problem is nothing more than that, who should pay the tax. Feng Qiaobin, Professor of economics at National School of Administration, told the daily economic news reporter.

but she also pointed out that the rapid development of the Internet economy, some of the provisions of the previous and present broadcast platform economic situation can not match. New things emerge in an endless stream with the past completely, the existence of the employment relationship routine broadcast platform and anchor, not necessarily just.

Chaoyang District Local Taxation Bureau data management department official stressed that the new format is not outside the land.

so, who should pay the specific? Shizheng

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