The only train in this country is 30 kilometers per hour.

Train speed country monk Robe

xinhuawang· 2016-05-02 06:36:48

Hong Sen later in the social networking site "facebook" personal home page to call the public as far as possible to take the train. He also released his greetings to the passengers, and the monks dressed in yellow monk's robes to talk to the photos. "Today is a very important day for the Kampuchea railway," said John ·, chief executive of Kampuchea's Royal railway company, who told reporters before the start of the car.

the south line of the railway 264 km long, through the rural areas of Cambodia and the pleasant scenery of the coastal provinces. According to Ji Li, the Southern Railway 14 years ago to stop the passenger, freight back in a few years ago. After renovation, in April 9th this year to 17, during the new year in Kampuchea, the railway carried out passenger trial operation. Formal operation, Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville line from Friday to Sunday day back and forth two direction driving, local time in the morning 7 when departure from Phnom Penh, one-way 8 hours, stop Takeo province and Kampot province. One way fare $6.

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