Give up the British BBC high paying jobs, he said: "I would rather that one day China will not let me go out, not one day China will not let me back."

Britain China high salary work

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had never been what years of quiet good,

is just the one for us before loading the line,

I love my motherland.



Ye Qinglin returned to China,

to give up 3000 pounds of high salary,

left BBC, one of the world's largest

news agency.

at that time, he has won the British Master's degree at the University of Sunderland

media, and completed a documentary for BBC,

get their offer.

is returned to the development, Ye Qinglin has always been a dream, because

constant cut is nostalgia,


go far, < / p>

also have come back.

" however, BBC does not want to lose him, one of the world's producer, said: "you can go back to help us with our work, some photos sent back. "

asked: danxiao leaves Qinglin" for example? "

" you help me take the Olympic Games the land of landless farmers, they are miserable; small black coal mines in Chinese, how those workers squeezed the oppressed. Have you ever seen "

"? "

" I've seen a lot of reports. "

he did not say what, but

and BBC China resolutely back, cut off contact,

action statement.

"I'd rather one day China wouldn't let me out,

wouldn't let me come back one day. "A small village of


Ye Qinglin was born in Zhejiang, Lishui,

to go to college,

attended the Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, after graduation to enter the Fujian TV station,

became a traveling journalist.

" (typhoon work)

a lot of people think that this is far from the

in the studio host a comfortable

, but leaves Qinglin didn't think so.

he wants to be a reporter type host,

no reporter experience,

can't do good news anchor,

and Fujian TV just gave the opportunity, so


", in order to enrich the media experience and knowledge, he went to the University of Sunderland in the UK,

read the media master,

has been seriously during the practice, and make performance,

is selected by BBC,

for a period of time inside.

" when the monthly salary is $3000,

, equivalent to more than 30 thousand yuan,

for ordinary wage earners,

is ridiculously high.

" to the high salary,

is the dream of many people,

for a better material life, the choice between

from left to see clearly,

seems to be the best choice.

" but then southeast TV is ready on the development program, leaves Qing Lin's hometown of Zhejiang and work Fujian has close relations with Taiwan, he was also very concerned about Taiwan, so I want to go back.

" side is the world famous news agency

, while the monthly salary is 3000 RMB news reporter, offbeat "retention"

to BBC

, what he did not hesitate to choose the latter,

as a little-known "porter".

many people ran to ask him:

are you crazy? He said:

(Chinese) this place I stay comfortable,

family and friends are here,

environment is familiar,

can see every day around the change,

< strong> at ease.

country no matter what,

are getting bettereveryday,

to take the concept of western countries

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