Wife child boss announced the dissolution of the company staff Meng

Boss child employee wife

19lou· 2017-03-13 12:05:46

recently a blogger shared it makes people feel hopeless and helpless and

" although small is to cover up

but still couldn't stand a barbell like laughter

ha ha ha ha ha

" the thing is, the day before yesterday

a very miserable career story

read, a netizen in the micro-blog

drying out of their work experience:

because his wife's children

boss announced that the company fell... The dissolution... Scattered scattered..!

is now opening a company like a joke?

" so this really is not the piece?

in order to find the truth point

the users of micro-blog

" originally, the young man

has declared that he was not the hand piece

goose < /p>

even if you didn't feel shy now is

" continue to turn down
the first day of work

has deeply have a hunch

just did not expect the end of &hellip in such a way;

small suspect

boss wife is a fake child!

he announced the dissolution of

may be at the office. He couldn't feel shy say … "img_box"

n from the boss wife's point of view

is really spoiled god!

such a boy is not much

boss to cherish ah!

, but with the following users than

bloggers should be satisfied with the perview_img_p!

users who started as a young man after the interview worried when

under a job interview

you say a reason for leaving the company strong>

< / "boss wife to give birth to the child, then the company disbanded"

guess HR do not believe?

" I don't know what

said they'd never believe

but the next time the interviewer asks you what

has good suggestions for

company you wish the boss wouldn't marry wife

to tell the blogger you are not a person at

users dished out his own personal experience with this kind of thing even if


believe my mother she will believe?

" the users with facts tell you

your mother should not believe the

" and then the floor tilted

suddenly emerge a lot of people Similarly afflicted people pity each other.

put your heart in my heart on a string of

love their … "img_box"

is looking for a job.

A little fat friends suggested that

must be shown on your resume:

boss not store

children is not the dissolution of the

user activity:

@ Mountain Lao Wang: I still travel, colleagues call told me that the company went bankrupt

@ salt baked chicken son: This is why parents feel into the business unit or the civil service exam is the "decent work" … … … … &hellip & hellip;; ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

@Yesido Chengdu: this child cake boss is too headstrong, but my boss

@ primary school children are not faint dog: Yes, before I go to a company to work for four days, the boss will find me, said the company is not going to open a solution to. Scattered staff went out of business, so I took four days salary to go, and then three months later, the boss called me, said he opened a company, I also want to ask the past work, want to know, now the company is not very easy: you don't like

@. Okay? Some people do not love pop … …

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Wife child boss announced the dissolution of the company staff Meng

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