"Fire": the observer is salvation, or despair?

Still the watchtower sick simulation

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" fire observer opening < the fire observer [1] "opening is very special.

you seem to describe your life to who you are, or just recall the past in your mind. Scenes of life in front of us: you are how to meet his wife, how she and happy life together, she is how suffering from Alzheimer's, began to lose the ability to live, you is how to feel that life is difficult to continue, and ultimately choose to stay away from the world, to become an observer of the fire. In this statement, you will encounter several choice opportunity, choice and the subsequent use of walkie talkie [2] is similar, but regardless of how you choose to, will not change the plot trend, you will still get married, Julie still sick, you will still be forced to separated from her, eventually came to the wilderness, to find their own salvation.

not fair, I know. But this is life. < the opening belong to the past part composed almost entirely of text, although the background color changing. But you are very difficult to capture the any tangible lines or details, like all is after fermentation of foam, let people drunk, but in the sober surprised to feel and, facing the juxtaposition of two options. The significance of the choice of origin in different results, and after reaching the same goal by different routes, each option lost weight, but why is so light choice, every is extremely difficult, not to mention the inclusion in the mind fragment is journey toward self imposed exile a forward step by step. Fate has been written, but that doesn't make life itself becomes more endurable, every decision is increasingly difficult, every button becomes more and more slowly. Even in a crucial node you instead will have no other choice, Julie's condition will be deteriorating, you will in the long process of escort approaching the limit.

until the beginning of the game, the game gives you an option you can't choose, but you have to choose:

, "you decide to take the job. "

Fake Choice

we will through the choice to choose their own destiny <, the element is an integral part of the game.

no matter in the game or in life, we will choose to determine their own destiny. But for the game, by giving the player a choice of power, and the corresponding results of the feedback, is to create a game of the most important interaction is the key. Choice more opportunities, more nodes, corresponding to the more, the more you can create the illusion of a possibility of endless, but in the opposite direction, which means game developers need each chose a design for the corresponding results, if the game only a choice, two options, the nature is not hard, but if in a game in the process of continuous selection, and want to keep every option on the player's game process to produce the practical impact of the, then two corresponding is no longer two branches, with the addition of variable to multiplication, all you have to do four different results.

if you have to deal with every choice, not only the entire game development will be complicated to the developer exhausted, it may not be essential to enhance the game's freedom. To fill solid enough content for each route, this is kind of a luxury, after all, tell a story is not easy, in the same setting tell a good story, only will be difficult. So in most games, especially in the 3A game, you make a variety of choices, generally will produce two relatively large difference in the story line. But for the independent games, the situation is somewhat different, although human capital has limitation, but production costs for each route but unlike 3A works as high, so as the fable of the Stanley [3] this walking simulator game can fully established "choose" the word on to construct a multi route multiple outcomes of architectures.

, in turn, the existence of "choice" for the game narrative, in fact, is a double-edged sword. Hidden in the "behind the choice is between the game developers and players wrestling: if not to give players the option to the right, the player can only along a route forward, then this route must content rich enough to allow players to busy, forget his thwarted at every turn, always limited, without freedom situation; if too many choices, developers must weigh each a selection of content, to ensure that each route is for the whole game service, rather than simply for liberty and freedom, damage to the narrative of integrity.

so, there is no way to let the players feel that they have the right to choose, but also to ensure that the narrative is not fragmented, so that developers have sufficient control and guidance capabilities? The answer, in the "fire" in the novel observer.

"false choice" [4] throughout this work is always, until the last moment.

in a variety of "false choice", between the selection and control to achieve a wonderful balance between. It is not only to players the freedom degree, make choice between itself and the player builds an emotion (after all, this is selected from several options in the player's own), can also be a choice in the, through repeated continues to deepen the impression, but the most important is, didn't have to therefore make a totally different routes. "False choice" although will lead new branches of the story (except the 34 day), but it still will be the relationship between the player and the game closer, as to add the cost, but is to add several options, additional recording several conversations bale.

Controlled Fire

"fire" story "

observers in Huangshi in 1988 after the fire the fire" observer story happened in Huangshi in 1988 after the fire (which has been mentioned in the Henry and Delilah de dialogue), the fire is a Yellowstone National Park the largest recorded history, the number of points in is not promptly extinguished, together to form a fire destroyed two tourist hub, and forcing the entire park to closing in September 8, 1988, this is the first time since the establishment of the whole park, 3213 square kilometers of land (the total park area of 36%) was involved in the fire. < p > as the Daililasuo, Yellowstone fires. Once reaching the demise of fire observers began their posts, and the reason why Henry can get the job, also thanks to its. Fire observer usually at the fire lookout tower "[8] expansion, Henry lived in the steel tower has been considered is an extremely sophisticated version of equipment, most tower is wooden structure, even the most rudimentary version but with a ladder on the high tree, at least in height on the trunk to build a wooden platform bale. As for the generator advanced equipment, it is less and less. < before 1960, it is generally accepted that forest fire is definitely harmful, as long as found signs must as soon as possible to extinguish, but with the in-depth research, began to gradually accept forest fires are a part of the whole forest, and in part of the decline of the regional forest artificially controlled combustion ", to burn the dead vegetation, to make room for the new plant growth space, which also effectively reduced the forest area of each year was destroyed in the fire. But the 1988 Yellowstone fire, but and the "lit" inseparable: on the one hand, the entire forest ecosystem has come to the end of a cycle of, death of a large number of vegetation exists, and catch up with a hot and dry summer, these "controlled combustion" together and eventually formed the overwhelming fire.

however, the miracle is that after this seemingly ecological disaster in the general fire, the vegetation of Yellowstone National Park not only did not disappear, but at an incredible speed to grow up again. The natural way of doing things seems to be beyond human comprehension, or just our understanding of the laws of nature is still too little. After the fire, according to the principle of forest fire happened further correction, "controlled combustion" is totally banned, all human caused fires will still be control for the first time, but naturally occurring lightning fire, under the premise of not affecting the survival of mankind to fend for themselves.

forest fires in fact also metaphor with Henry's past < the reason of in the game only mention a word of the fire so much, in fact, is because in the course of play, I always feel the fire image and Henry's between the psychological state, with a strange Association. Prompted Henry to apply for this job, of course, is forced with separating from his wife after difficult since the guilt feeling, but Alzheimer's itself just a disease, Julie and not because of Henry will suffer from the disease. In other words, it is not human caused, but human will have to face a survival of possibilities. If we will Henry and Julie as two trees of the ancient forest of human, then Alzheimer's may be the fall from the sky, lit the Julie that tree, and take the opportunity to ignited the Henry's lightning.

Julie could do nothing about it, and Henry was the same. As the fire is part of the forest ecosystem, the disease is one of the inevitable fate of human beings. But to bring fire in forest, not only death and the clearing of vegetation died, the ashes after burning to produce, will also new life blooming to create an excellent fertilizer. The same is true of disease. Julie's fate let Henry dispirited and discouraged, even self exile to Shoshone National Forest Park [9] to flee from the world, but instead let him to establish relationships with others (in this game, refers to Delilah) and to know the weak points in your character from scratch, back to the world, a better person.

in a sense, Henry's self exile, is in the face of disease after the mentality of an extension of the state of mind, and even can be compared to a "controlled combustion". Julie the prevalence of disease is the reason why the Alzheimer's and not other disease, no arbitrarily set, but with Henry subsequent experience correspond closely to the, sick gradually loss of short-term memory, eventually even long-term memory together lost. Its essence is collapse of interpersonal relationship, while Henry chose to retire from the world. Both can be seen as the is myself for not being able to do to her husband, a self punishment, but not on the interpersonal relationship of a to take the initiative to give up?? As the forest will be in after the fire to sprout new growth, but Henry did not think that after the initiative to burn, his life will also re bred a new relationship. The only means of communication in the


game of its unique side < talkie existence, not only represents the Henry and the only human association, in another layer of meaning, but also become the add a layer of character, emotion is an important means to the forest. This way of communication, especially the control mode, both joined the limit to answer elements and the introduction of the concept of time passes, also answer rotation in introducing the complex operation (only wheel steering and not upward, miss a answer to turn a circle can be re elected to), both under the same role, to the players brought a sense of urgency, so you have to make a decision as soon as possible, the sense of urgency and in some sense add answers the heavy feeling, let each seemingly ordinary dialogue has a deeper meaning. This will be through dialogue and reverse effect to elicit conversational objects, scenes and events, so as to attach and affects your understanding of the world, and let the lack of angry world (apparently because of budget problems, the game in the forest is extreme lack of animal activity) live together, have their own personality. < p > after a piece of "controlled burning charred woodland, Delilah will tell you this area had the fire; in the face of clearing the ceremony with a heap of stones, you will discuss this like witchcraft ceremony with her; and in be fence around the research base, she will because the call is recorded in the register into a frenzy, although the base looks, in fact, is not what strange. In finally, players will be able to know the so-called research records, but ned [12] in backstabbing bale. But engraved in the wound up Peter, Delilah as you only come into contact with humans, completely changed the you perceive in the world around us.

this setting, but also to the whole story is covered with a layer of mystery and horror of the key color. < p > in the mid game, Henry and Delilah was ned design deeply fall into a conspiracy theory hypothesis, they doubt themselves to become a kind of psychological research subjects, imagine, if Henry was not a single person in this forest, if he and Daililabu is only through the walkie talkie to maintain communication, but can meet and talk, Ned could not easily work. For the coagulation of lonely atmosphere created by, narrative of the game in the Henry leads to madness at the same time, but also allows players to have to re-examine their own world, and the psychological thriller, the lack of anger, lack of changes to the game world is a very subtle and effective supplement.

Ned's existence to the game adds a layer of horror and mystery < p > if you want to use an idiom to describe this technique, apparently "cup bow snake shadow". For independent game developers, left the traditional size of extravagant narrative mode is no longer applicable, because in the human level and on the details of the polished, it is impossible and 3a works competition, but because of the level of resources constraints, but the modern novel writing skills for reference and is only expressed in the tip of the iceberg on the surface, more of the story left player to conceive. And return to the game itself, the best show this point, is the role of delilah. Her identity and motivation, just like her, never in the course of the game to be fully explained, although you do a lot of communication, to establish the a sense of trust, but with game truth gradually surfaced, Delilah speaks of unreliable has gradually emerged in play in front of. < p > the fire observer of the two narrators, Delilah is clearly the main a, not only because she is Henry's superior, because Henry only one contact with her, and she is can contact with the outside world as a whole. In a sense, Dai Lillard unreliable. It means that the unreliability of the human world, when she deliberately concealed ned and his children at the same time as the observer of the fire of truth was excavated, Henry and her relationship toward the anterior not knowable fork in the road. Even many players hold their own theory, think from beginning to the end, Delilah are lying, Ned itself does not exist, everything is Delilah self-directed and performed a play.

but what is the truth, we have no way of knowing, and everything was swallowed up in that fire. < to the end of the treatment, developers cemetery [13] studio deliberately chose a blank, Although Henry finally reached the Delilah's tower, also found that the large number of so-called "truth", but occurred in the summer a variety of, what exactly which part is true, which is Henry's own imagination, I am afraid that he will never be able to tell, everything will be gradually in the memory of the decadent, degenerate. After a few years he will be like his wife, Julie, and eventually forget all this? We can make nothing of it, but it is certain that this memory will stay in his life for a long time.

Walking Simulator

to do the seemingly simple "walking simulation" in fact, the game is not easy < except for the first person, adventure, simulation of the tag, I'm afraid the fire observer also had to be put on walking simulator the recent vogue label. This game from the main perspective of the development of the game does not contain direct violence elements, focusing on the type of narrative, has been the favorite of many players, but really want to do it, it does not seem easy. Not to mention the fable of the Stanley this small pump works creators need to have a strong imagination, even the novice guide such linear works, want to emotionally moved internationally, also need to in the flow of the game itself constantly new. Behind the violence, and the violent confrontation is building a basic game "fun" is the most common way, and jump out of the traditional game logic, requires that there must be a different kind of non violent confrontation, this transformation is not new, as early as the beginning of the birth of the game existed.

yes, against meet as equals and violence, nature is the intellectual confrontation. < p > adventure game highlights and not by rival eye coordination, strategic and tactical awareness of the challenges for the players to bring a sense of accomplishment, it really challenges, is the player's imagination and ability to jump out of the traditional thinking framework, outside the box thinking. For the fire observer "of the works, it depends on building the core game, and not the so-called galactic city map design and props, there can be no so-called traditional pointing adventure game object combinations, but suspense.

yes, to build the core of this work is to play, is to explore the truth. < p > the works of all experience, all around the core expansion. From the map design, design of articles (including plenty of not direct interaction, and no consequences of interactive items), to the walkie talkie system, and odd time set is so. Cite the most easily overlooked the system time to talk, the narrative flow and not like a traditional game as concentrated within a certain period of the normal flow of time expansion, is not entirely to the stagnation of time expansion, but not this completely not to mention, as time element does not exist, the fire observer in the passage of time is not only completely around the narrative pace of expansion, but will be counterproductive to the narrative itself. < in every day at the beginning, the tips of the X days, this figure increased in a linear fashion, but three days later, the date changes began to accelerate, you with the Dai Lillard relation in fuzzy date change by leaps and bounds, and with the advent of the potentially dangerous, date change began slowly, and reached an extreme in the last two days. The date change rhythm adjustment is on the one hand, every day to accommodate the matters and flow is on the other hand, began a few days is to complete from the tower of, returned to the tower for a cycle, but then the cycle is broken, one day will from the map of a point, to return to the watchtower of the end of May to the watchtower is the beginning, at the end of triggering a specific story. Changing the amount plus every day do things, not only time, space changing, the length of each day is also in constant change. And all of this ultimately serve the core of the narrative: the pursuit of truth and the unknown. When players are in the fragmentation of time and space, will be more real to feel this, and in the end of the game, can still maintain a thinking. < p > the fire observer the works in design layer facing the walking simulation game inspired many, such as map different areas of linking route design, interactive props ratio and the relationship between information, or even climbing, jumping and other movements of generation into the feeling of a promotion and so on. But we can already see, in simple but the mode of operation, whether to how through to a world face carefully deployment and design, good a only through the game tells the story. Class= img_box "


"content_img_p" rescue helicopter arrival, you will be how to choose? < p > I don't know at the end of the game, in the end several players see the game only human, the helicopter to your hand, feel heart fluttered. But I'm sure I stared at him for a long time, some even dare to believe in this world, there are still people really. Think about that wait two minutes after the helicopter flew off the hidden end, suddenly felt a little ridiculous.

don't know exactly what the player is trying out of this hidden end, I believe he / she may also unconsciously try out. But if he / she is really not to mount to the rescue helicopter, preferring to die within the raging fires might is on the works of a more deep understanding. Not all forests will be in after a wildfire in the re sprouting, there are many trees will only in the demise of the, for them, flame and not ashes necessary premise, but is only inevitable death bale. Behind the seemingly positive outcome, developers are still left with another possibility for the player, another understanding of the story, or another fate. < p > and the implied behind the fate of despair, perhaps more than we can imagine. This means not only Henry gave up her sick in bed, the wife of Julie gave up again into the human community, also means that he gave up his own life, and to pursue the truth. The journey did not change his mind here, or, he was able to achieve his original intention, to complete his salvation.

as for salvation, or despair, I am afraid that only Henry himself know. < at this moment, internationally and Henry finally completely separate, and narrative in the fall next heavy curtain, no one give the answer, but no longer have raised questions, only left, only a constantly chewing and continue to finish my.

maybe, this is the power of a good story. < p > [1]: Firewatch

in [2]: Walkie-Talkie

3]: the Stanley Parable

[4]: fake Choice

[5]: Delilah

[6]: Henry

[7]: controlled Burn

[8]: fire lookout Tower

[9]: 10] the Shoshone national Forest

: Sakura Wars

[11]: live interactive picture System

[12]: ned Goodwin

[13]: Campo Santo

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