A new color contrast exposure new wallpaper 3T

Black wallpaper Android new phone

zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-03-13 15:41:22

twitter digital broke the account Evan Blass recently exposed the latest mobile phone wallpaper plus a phone, the above is the word "Never Settle", the Chinese language is naturally familiar".

3T black new wallpaper exposure (source gsmarena)

3T black new wallpaper exposure (source gsmarena)

so behind this new wallpaper what is the meaning of it? One may be related to the upcoming release of a plus phone 5, but because there are users upload a plus phone 3T using the same wallpaper photos, so with a plus and may not have any relevance.

then another possibility is a plus 3T may want to add a new color. Not long ago, foreign media Android Police editor David Ruddock said, a plus will launch a new black. A plus co-founder Carl Pei also tweeted release GIF figure seems to respond to this rumor.

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A new color contrast exposure new wallpaper 3T

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