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"is there a WiFi? What's the password? "This is the modern people in the estimation of each store's pet phrase.

but this may soon be reversed. Bloomberg March 9th issued a document saying that the current major U.S. mobile operators are providing unlimited data traffic services, this major change may eventually be eliminated WiFi.

in February this year, the largest U.S. mobile operator Verizon launched the "fall", unlimited data plans Deluxe Edition, becoming the four largest telecom operators in the last battle the giant into infinite packages. Verizon to join the unlimited flow of data provider camp, the industry as a whole has a significant impact. According to foreign media reports, Verizon had been on the infinite package plan vowed that "sniff at, in fact, consumers do not need so many data".

WiFi is doomed to disappear?

Verizon, a former CEO Fran Shammo, said at an investor conference in September last year that "people don't really need unlimited packages". And in a month ago, T-Mobile has just launched T-Mobile One unlimited package, when the industry also caused a lot of criticism.

but after all, no one will not be able to get through with money, especially when competitors get performance growth, competitive pressures will eventually force the country's largest mobile operators to bow to consumers. T-Mobile announced in the fourth quarter of 2016 earnings report, T-Mobile net new users of $933 thousand, after the payment of the user, the growth of these indicators are more than the other three competitors in the two.

source: Sprint official website

tasted the sweetness of TMoblie to infinite flow extended to all the old package; Sprint showed the "low cost" trump card, single package $50 / month, less than the other 5 $90 / month AT&T Direct TV; also bundled sales unlimited packages, analysts expect AT&T is expected to provide independent unlimited packages.

Verizon also joined the competition after the four major U.S. carriers have played their cards in unlimited data packages, each one has its own merits is good wins.

after each small (micro signal: nbdnews) found that, in addition to providing an unlimited amount of data has not yet been achieved independent veteran operator AT & T, three other prominent their own competitive advantage, which is very attractive: the

Sprint brand is low, its official website directly to the "half" is our competitors the price for the slogan to attract customers, but the price is the account conditions behind the lower network quality and more stringent;

T Moblie prices are slightly lower than the same grade of service level Verizon

Verizon; although the price is slightly higher, but the quality of communication network is known as the nation's best, by American consumers.

USA four operators unlimited package comparison (source: Source: Sprint

) with the lowest price of Sprint for example, unlimited data packages for the first line of $50 / month, second for $40, third four or five, are free of charge. For a family of five, the use of unlimited traffic packages, it seems to be a very attractive choice, it seems to be able to bid farewell to the public must be connected to save the flow of WiFi trouble.

but the truth may not be so beautiful. The popularity of

still need time, "infinity" is not a panacea

consulting firm Telecom Media Finance Associates Inc. is expected in a "flow eat" in the world, the data flow using the WiFi network such as airports, stations, stadiums and other public places, from half of the mobile network data traffic to reduce 1/3. The demise of WiFi seems to be an inevitable trend.

but for now WiFi is not going to disappear quickly. Because in the current technology, and can not really provide consumers with unlimited traffic in the full sense.

to configure the lower T- mobile and Sprint as an example, the high-speed traffic share they set only 10G per month, once the use of user traffic over the 10G, after the use of flow will be the speed limit:

T- mobile users will be reduced to the 3G network, and the low price of Sprint will directly to the user's network communication quality from the original 3G to 2G. The two also strictly restrict users to download and watch HD video, video buffer quality set to DVD level.

and the higher price of Verizon has been proud of the high quality of network communications, so even though they charge higher, but still has up to 114 million of loyal users. For this reason, Verizon has been worried about open unlimited traffic packages.

"Verizon unlimited flow of packages (source: Verizon

Verizon CEO Fran Shammo, the former official website) was in September last year, investors conference said," most people demand for data is not very high. But once you open unlimited packages, there will certainly be a small number of waste flow, which is a great test of the capacity of the communication network.

in addition to technology can not afford to open unlimited traffic packages may not be able to maintain the level of profitability. Users of the quality and quantity of data appetite will continue to expand, and unlimited packages

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